Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 18 2012

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Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 18 2012

By on July 18, 2012

Top 5 TV Shows: July 18 2012

Do you want a natural treatment for fighting acne? Have you heard about the cancer fighting benefits of Black Raspberry supplements? These are some of the highlights from today’s popular talk shows. You can also brush up on Google trivia or catch up with hot stars Johnny Depp and Jesse Metcalfe. Here are the top talkers from July 18 2012.

The Doctors: Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe

Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe: July 18 2012 Talk Shows

The Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe was a highlight from July 18 2012 talk shows.

The Doctors got a consult from dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban, who shared her innovative DIY tips that could save you a trip to the doctor’s office. Find out what you can mix in your medicine cabinet to prevent pimples. Then get her creative Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe.

The Drs: Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe & Mole Danger Signs

Johnny Depp: Dark Shadows & Willy Wonka

Johnny Depp is a chameleon, slipping into new looks and roles over the decades of his career. He visited Ellen DeGeneres to talk about his work on the recent adaptation of Dark Shadows. Find out where he draws inspiration for some of his most memorable characters, such as Willy Wonka.

Ellen: Johnny Depp: Willy Wonka Was Inspired By Stoned George Bush

Black Raspberry Supplements & Cancer Prevention

When it comes to a health crisis like cancer, the best treatment is prevention. That’s why Dr Oz highlighted some popular supplements that are believed to have anti-cancer properties, including IP-6 and the popular Black Raspberry supplements. Find out the benefits of each and decide what’s right for you.

IP-6, Selenium, Black Raspberry & Vitamin D: Dr Oz Cancer Prevention

Live With Kelly: Jesse Metcalfe in Dallas

One of the summer’s most popular new series is the 2012 reboot of the classic prime time soap Dallas. In this incarnation, Jesse Metcalfe takes on the role of Christopher Ewing. But before he made it to prime time, he got his start in daytime. He and Kelly Ripa reminisced about their early days breaking into the business as soap stars.

Live With Kelly: Jesse Metcalfe “Dallas” Interview

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Google Trivia

Many people use Google every day, but how well do you really know the company and its technology? Kathie Lee & Hoda featured a Google Trivia quiz, with questions about the number of searches over the last nine years, the most popular YouTube video of all time, and more.

Google Trivia: Most Popular YouTube Video & Total Number Of Searches

July 18 2012 Talk Show Recaps

Want more from these popular shows? Here are full recaps of the July 18 2012 episodes of your favorite talk shows.

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