Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 18 2012


Top 5 TV Shows: July 18 2012

Do you want a natural treatment for fighting acne? Have you heard about the cancer fighting benefits of Black Raspberry supplements? These are some of the highlights from today’s popular talk shows. You can also brush up on Google trivia or catch up with hot stars Johnny Depp and Jesse Metcalfe. Here are the top talkers from July 18 2012.

The Doctors: Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe

Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe: July 18 2012 Talk Shows

The Brown Sugar Applesauce Acne Scrub Recipe was a highlight from July 18 2012 talk shows.



  1. Wynelle Holmes says

    Missed all ingredients of the weight -loss Vinegar and Ice water diet (l glass of ice water, ? viinegar ?} Thaanks

  2. Wynelle Holmes says

    Enjoyed the show – very interesting topics- couldn’t remember all but could not write fast enough – keep up the good work- but slow down . the 85’s years cna’t think that fast.

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