Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 3 2012

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Top 5 TV Shows of the Day: July 3 2012

By on July 3, 2012

Top 5 TV Shows: July 3 2012 Talk Show Recaps

The holiday week is in full swing, as you’ll be seeing at the box office in the coming days. Stars from new films like The Amazing Spider-Man and Savages visited top talk shows. Kathie Lee & Hoda shared stylish designs that are Made in America, and The Doctors discussed a new miracle anti-aging pill. Here are the hottest stories from TV talk shows for July 3 2012.

Made In America Fashions: Amy Matto Dress & Sbicca Footwear Reviews

Made In America Fashions: Recapo July 3 2012

Kathie Lee & Hoda's Made In America fashions were a highlight of holiday week talk shows from July 3 2012.

All week, Kathie Lee & Hoda are chronicling ways we can support the US economy with their special series, Made in America. This segment focused on fashions you can find that are made in the USA, from the perfect Amy Matto dress to comfortable and stylish Sbicca Footwear. Could you switch your apparel shopping to products made in America?

Made In America: Amy Matto Dress, Siwy Jeans & Sbicca Footwear Reviews

Ellen: Spider-Man Star Emma Stone’s Natural Hair Color

You’ve loved her in recent movies, and now she’s starring in one of summer’s biggest blockbusters. Ellen DeGeneres talked with Emma Stone and got real about a secret she’s been keeping for years. Find out the truth about Emma Stone’s natural hair color, and learn about her experiences on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man. Plus, she dished on who is the better kisser: Ryan Gosling Vs Andrew Garfield.

Live With Kelly: John Travolta in Savages

There’s another huge summer movie coming to theaters this week, and Kelly Ripa chatted with one of its big stars. Actor John Travolta talked about his role in the action thriller Savages. He even spent time sharing his hidden talent, as well as his Hollywood weight loss secret that helped him stay in shape for the role.

Live With Kelly: John Travolta “Savages” Interview

Rapamycin: Miracle Anti-Aging Pill?

We’re always looking for ways to look and feel younger. Could The Doctors finally have the solution? They talked about a controversial new medication, Rapamycin, which has the potential to reverse the natural effects of aging on the body. Find out whether the side effects are worth the risks. The Doctors also discussed the potential for makeup to include Gluten ingredients.

The Drs: Rapamycin Anti-Aging Pill & Does Makeup Contain Gluten

Dr Oz: Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie is a classic hearty American dish, but you don’t have to blow your diet to enjoy its natural health benefits.  Chef Alex Guarnaschelli shared his Healthy Chicken Pot Pie Recipe with Dr Oz. This is definitely one to keep on your Pinterest board. Try the pie that’s better than the frozen grocery store version, without the preservatives.

Dr Oz: Alex Guarnaschelli’s Chicken Pot Pie Recipe Made Healthy

Recapo July 3 2012 Talk Show Recaps

Want to read the rest of today’s recaps and top talk show stories? Check out these full recaps of the biggest talk shows.

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