Top Talk Show Recaps: Which Bestselling Diet Is Your Summer Slimdown?

By on August 4, 2012

Bestselling Diet Reviews

It was Bestselling Diet Week on Live With Kelly. Kelly Ripa and her co-hosts spoke with the doctors and authors behind some of the most popular diets in America, to help you figure out which plan could be right for you. The best time to start your diet is when you are ready to change your life for the better. Check out what the hosts and experts had to say about diets, including The 17 Day Diet, the South Beach Diet Supercharged, the Wheat Belly Diet, the Eat To Live Diet, and the Blood Sugar Solution.

The Blood Sugar Solution Review

Top Talk Show Recaps: Bestselling Diet Reviews

If you’re ready to start a new diet, check out the bestselling plans featured on “Live With Kelly” diet week, including The South Beach Diet Supercharged, The 17 Day Diet, Eat To Live and more.

Dr Mark Hyman created The Blood Sugar Solution in response to the growing Diabetes crisis facing Americans. One major problem with the American diet is that we drink a significant portion of our calories. He explained how cutting back on soda and other high calorie beverages can make it easier to regulate your blood sugar and keep your body’s systems operating properly.

The 17 Day Diet Review

What if you could turbo charge your health and weight loss in about two weeks? That’s the idea behind The 17 Day Diet, which takes dieters through three separate but equally important phases, each with its own body benefits. Dr Mike Moreno explained each step of the process, and why his diet cleanse is different from the traditional concept of a cleanse.

The South Beach Diet Supercharged Review

The South Beach Diet has been on the market for years, but now it has a new twist, as Dr Arthur Agatson explained during his visit to Live With Kelly. The latest evolution of the program is called The South Beach Diet Supercharged, and it involves strategic snacking on such items as Tiramisu and red wine. If this sounds like the diet for you, you’ll want to find out how and why these indulgences are so important on the program.

The Wheat Belly Diet Review

Did you know that people who eat wheat eat an average of nearly 500 calories more per day than people who don’t? Dr William Davis is author of The Wheat Belly Diet, and he talked about how getting back to basics in your diet can help you focus on taking off the pounds in a healthy way.

The Eat To Live Diet Review

Dr Joel Fuhrman showed off the Eat To Live Diet, which he said can help you create sustainable long term changes to promote healthier living. He has even shaken up the classic idea of the food pyramid to help you reshape the way you think about what you’re putting on your plate, in your mouth and through your body. He explained the definition of G-bombs and why berries and nuts are such important nutritional sources.

Now you have five fresh approaches to weight loss. Which one is right for your life?

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