Top Talk Show Recaps: How Can Grown-Ups Make New Friends?

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Top Talk Show Recaps: How Can Grown-Ups Make New Friends?

By on July 22, 2012

Top Talk Show Highlights: Friendship & Vacation Advice

Is it possible to make new friends as an adult? What if you want to end a longstanding friendship? Are you taking a last minute vacation this summer (that’s something that could really strain a friendship)? This week’s talk show highlights featured social advice and affordable vacation destinations and summer sales to take advantage of before the season ends.

How To Make New Friends As An Adult

Make New Friends: Talk Show Review

Trying to make new friends as an adult may seem challenging, but it's not impossible. Get friendship advice and more recent talk show highlights.

When we are young, our friends tend to come from the neighborhood or our school classrooms. Even college provides a great social bonding experience for young adults. But once you have a career and a family of your own, it can be difficult to forge new connections. However, it’s not impossible, and Today Show experts shared advice on how to make new friends as an adult. They also weighed in on how to know when it’s time to end an old friendship, which can sometimes be just as emotional as a breakup.

Last Minute Summer Destinations: Family Vacation Suggestions

July is more than half over already. Can you believe it? That means that school days and heavy workloads are looming in the distance, with semesters starting and summer ending in just another couple months. But even if you haven’t planned anything yet, there’s still time to pull off a great last minute summer vacation with the family. A Travel + Leisure editor shared five unbelievably affordable family getaways, from Tuscon to Telluride and even St. Maarten.

Cinnamon Coffee Swap & Yonanas Review: The Doctors

Do you like your summer treats hot or cold? Whatever your preference, The Doctors shared some cool ideas and hot tips for making healthier choices, morning and night. If you love starting your day with a cup of hot coffee, check out the health benefits of their Cinnamon Coffee Swap. Summer nights are best served with frozen treats like ice cream, and that’s what led The Doctors to feature a fresh fruit alternative: Yonanas Ice Cream Makers, which turn a frozen banana into instant ice cream.

Christmas In July: What & Why To Buy Right Now

The holidays are still a long way off (thank goodness), but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great time to go shopping. If you’ve been looking for an excuse, finance expert Kim Lankford says this could be the perfect time of year to go on a shopping spree. With everything from outdoor furniture to gym memberships marked down, don’t discount the buying power of that fabled Christmas in July. Combining coupon codes, store sales, and seasonal tax holidays could save you even more this summer.

Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe: Acne Remedy

Acne affects teens and adults, but popping those pimples can leave nasty scars behind. If you’re looking for a little relief, you don’t have to splurge on expensive drugstore products. Try preparing The Doctors Brown Sugar Scrub Recipe at home, and check out more of their skin care advice about mole removal and zit remedies.

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