Top Talk Shows: August 10 2012

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Top Talk Shows: August 10 2012

By on August 10, 2012

August 10 2012 Talk Shows

We have to make the most of summer while it lasts. That’s why August 10 2012 talk shows offered fresh ideas for snacks, like Dr Oz’s Cantaloupe Shooters. The Doctors explained how to throw the perfect party and ways you can spice things up between the sheets. Also, if you’re on staycation this week, live vicariously through the Hawaiian Dream Wedding from Live With Kelly. Check out what you missed on August 10 2012 talk shows.

Dr Oz: Cucumber & Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes

Cucumber Shooters: August 10 2012 Talk Shows

Check out Cucumber Shooters and other cool party ideas from August 10 2012 talk shows.

Cutting 100 calories from every meal may not sound like an accomplishment, but it can really start to add up to huge weight loss. Check out recommendations and recipes from a Dr Oz nutritionist about how you can still enjoy fruity, fresh, and flavorful snacks such as Cucumber & Cantaloupe Shooters.

Dr Oz: Frozen Yogurt, Cucumber & Ginger Cantaloupe Shooter Recipes

How To Keep Guacamole Green

The Doctors shared some of the greatest tips for throwing the perfect Mexican fiesta, with advice for making healthy margaritas and keeping pets safe from pinatas. They also shared a great secret for keeping Guacamole green. Find out how to keep your Guacamole dip from turning brown before the party is over.

The Doctors: How To Throw The Perfect Fiesta with Healthy Margaritas

Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps & No Stress Salad Recipe

Dr Oz shared some of his best stress busters, from supplements and a No Stress Salad Recipe to products you can try to give yourself a break using aromatherapy, such as the Herbal Concepts Neck Wrap. See which one sounds the most relaxing to you, so you’re prepared the next time stress hits out of nowhere.

Dr Oz: Brazilian Ginseng, Suma Extract & Herbal Concepts Neck Wraps

Live With Kelly: Hawaiian Dream Wedding

From the Disney Aulani Resort in Hawaii, Live With Kelly shared the touching story of a fairy tale beach wedding. Eileen and Kevin’s lives have both been marred by devastating personal tragedy. But after the pain, they found one another and are able to create a new future together. Kelly & Mark Conseulos hosted their big day, with help from musical guest Colbie Caillat. Plus, the couple shared insights into their relationship.

Talk Show Recaps August 10 2012

Here are links to the full recaps for today’s episodes.

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    Looking for a baked recipe for kale as a snack, have been looking for days and can’t find it.
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