Top Talk Shows: August 2 2012

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Top Talk Shows: August 2 2012

By on August 2, 2012

August 2 2012 Talk Shows

The August 2 2012 talk shows revealed that the ’90s are back. Boy bands were a huge cultural phenomenon, and two former boy band members popped up on TV this morning. Find out what they’re up to now, and get the latest fitness trends and hot recipes from August 2 2012 talk shows.

Chicken With Edamame Recipe by Joey Fatone

Chicken With Edamame Recipe: August 2 2012 Talk Shows

Joey Fatone made a Chicken with Edamame Recipe and The Doctors reviewed trendy fitness products on August 2 2012 talk shows.

Remember Joey Fatone from ’90s boy band N’SYNC? He is back with a new TV gig as host of My Family Recipe Rocks on the Live Well Network. He visited Kelly Ripa to share a Chicken and Edamame Recipe with Brown Rice and talk about the new cooking series, which goes into real people’s kitchens.

Live With Kelly: Joey Fatone Chicken with Edamame Recipe

The Doctors: AquaBells Water Travel Weights Review

Do you travel for work or summer vacation? It can sometimes be difficult to keep up with your training or workout routine on the road, but the new AquaBells Water Travel Weights make it easier than ever to take your equipment with you. The Doctors looked at this product and other fitness trends like Sumo Wrestling.

The Doctors: AquaBells Water Travel Weights & Sumo Wrestling

Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey’s 98 Degrees Reunion Tour

Expectant father Nick Lachey broke some big news while co-hosting Live With Kelly. After 11 years, he and his bandmates from 98 Degrees are reuniting for a few summer concert dates. There could be a new album on the horizon as well. With this announcement, it’s safe to say that ’90s nostalgia is now in full swing, so get ready to dust off your pogs.

Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees Reunion

Dr Oz Light Recipes: Sliders, Pizza, Potato Skins & More

Dr Oz explained that one of the best ways to lose weight is to eat what you love. He had chefs and experts tweak popular American dishes and classic recipes to make them lighter and healthier, so you can cut calories without depriving yourself of favorites, like pizza and burgers, plus appetizers such as Artichoke Dip. Check out all the recipes from this episode of Dr Oz.

Ellen’s Sign Language Cat YouTube Video

Ellen DeGeneres loves to share funny moments from reality series and Internet videos on her talk show. Her fans also know how much she loves animals, so when she can combine those two passions, the results are often hilarious and adorable at the same time. Check out her Sign Language Cat YouTube video and more web highlights.

Ellen: Piano Playing Dog & Sign Language Cat YouTube Videos

Talk Show Recaps: August 2 2012

Here are the links to full segment-by-segment recaps of the August 2 2012 talk shows.

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