Top Talk Shows: August 3 2012

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Top Talk Shows: August 3 2012

By on August 3, 2012

August 3 Talk Shows

August 3 2012 talk shows featured exciting segments and innovative products to help you get more out of your weekend. Dr Oz shared important tests for men’s health. The Live With Kelly audience declared a winner in this summer’s Grilling With The Stars challenge. And The Doctors looked at how products like the ResQMe Keychain and Boot Band Extenders are making a difference. Here are some big stories from August 3 2012 talk shows.

Grilling With The Stars Winner: Grilled Mushroom & Heirloom Tomato Recipe

Grilled Mushroom & Heirloom Tomato Recipe: August 3 2012 Talk Shows

Live With Kelly declared a winning recipe in their summer Grilling With The Stars competition: Marilu Henner’s Grilled Mushroom & Heirloom Tomato Recipe.

All summer long, the Live With Kelly co-hosts have been inviting celebrities to cook up delicious dishes for their favorite charities. The stars have faced off behind the grill, and it was finally time to declare a winner. Marilu Henner took home the $25,000 prize for her charity, Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine. Find out who came in second thanks to your votes, and check out her Grilled Mushroom & Heirloom Tomato Recipe from earlier this summer.

Live With Kelly: Nick Lachey Third Day as Co-Host

Tests To Save Your Husband’s Life

When you’re a popular figure in the news, like Dr Oz, you’re going to attract a certain number of negative responses. But how many people have websites created for people who dislike them, such as Dr Oz confronted some of the men behind the site, who complained about their nagging wives. Dr Oz negotiated couples compromises, if the husbands would agree to undergo three critical men’s health tests.

Dr Oz Vs Husbands: Men’s Lifesaving Health Tests

The Doctors: Boot Bands Review

Do you have trouble finding the right size boots? Find out about one creative solution, a product that could give you more options in your search for the perfect pair. Check out how the Boot Band Extenders and other popular gadgets are making health and fashion trends more accessible.

The Drs: Boot Band Boot Extensions & Tumescent Calf Liposuction

Eucerin Calming Creme & Eucerin Body Wash Reviews

Dr Oz took a look at skin care and hygiene, highlighting reviews of Eucerin products that are popular for dry skin and other sensitive conditions. Find out whether you’ve been using the wrong skin care routine, and get advice for protecting your skin in the shower.

Dr Oz: Eucerin Calming Creme & Eucerin Body Wash Reviews for Dry Skin

ResQMe Keychain & Escaping a Submerged Car

Would you know what to do if you suddenly found your car submerged in water? Find out how the quick actions of some everyday people saved children’s lives. Plus, learn how a product called the ResQMe Keychain could make itself useful in this type of emergency.

The Doctors: ResQMe Keychain & How To Escape A Sinking Car

August 3 2012 Talk Show Recaps

Here are full recaps from all the day’s guests and segments on popular talk shows.

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