Top Talk Shows: August 8 2012

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Top Talk Shows: August 8 2012

By on August 8, 2012

August 8 2012 Talk Shows

August 8 2012 talk show episodes focused on technology and food, with a dash of celebrity gossip. Find out how you could benefit from parts of fresh foods you usually throw away. Plus, check out new treatments for Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes. And are you up on the Sharon Osbourne scandal? Here are the stories from your August 8 2012 talk shows.

Dr Oz’s Garbage Pail Diet

Garbage Pail Diet: August 8 2012 Talk Shows

You could find heart health solutions from foods you normally throw out. The Garbage Pail Diet was an August 8 2012 talk show highlight.

Don’t throw those leftovers away so fast! Dr Oz shared the Garbage Diet that revealed some hidden health properties of your favorite foods. Find out why you should reuse your watermelon rinds, celery leaves, and onion skins to get natural heart health benefits from food you would’ve otherwise tossed out.

Dr Oz Garbage Can Diet: Watermelon Rinds, Onion Skins & Celery Stalks

Sharon Osbourne Scandal: Did She Quit America’s Got Talent? Did NBC Fire Jack?

TV personality Sharon Osbourne is making headlines once again. She has threatened to quit America’s Got Talent, because she claims that NBC fired her son Jack from another reality show due to his recent Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis. But the network claims they had never hired, and that they don’t discriminate.

Sharon Osbourne Quits America’s Got Talent When NBC Fires Son Jack

Parkinson’s Deep Brain Stimulation & Diabetes Artificial Pancreas

The Doctors shared innovative treatments and technologies for diseases that are plaguing millions of Americans. Find out how a Deep Brain Stimulation surgery is helping some people control the tremors and other symptoms associated with Parkinson’s Disease. Plus, check out the promising future of research for an Artificial Pancreas that Diabetic patients can use to simplify their daily lives.

Live With Kelly: TV Mom Patricia Heaton from The Middle

From The Middle, TV mom Patricia Heaton visited Live With Kelly during the show’s Hawaiian vacation. Find out what she has to say about how her onscreen experience compares to real life parenting. Plus, get her honest impressions of Disney’s Aulani Resort, where Live is spending the week.

Live With Kelly: Patricia Heaton “The Middle” Interview

Dr Oz: Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Did you know you can use Spaghetti Squash in almost any recipe that calls for pasta? Find out the benefits of this low carb, high fiber option that is easy to make. Dr Oz and his guests used it in Shrimp Scampi, for instance. Check out this Spaghetti Squash Recipe and pin it for use over and over again.

Dr Oz: Anaheim Shrimp Scampi Recipe & Spaghetti Squash Recipe

Talk Show Recaps: August 8 2012

Go deeper with full recaps from August 8 2012 talk shows.

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