Top Talk Shows: August 9 2012

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Top Talk Shows: August 9 2012

By on August 9, 2012

August 9 2012 Talk Shows

August 9 2012 talk show highlights featured stars, style, and beauty tips from unexpected sources. Find out what TV’s Tiffani Thiessen swears by as a razor replacement. Then see how Montel Williams claims Safslim gave him a great physique. Plus, Billy Blanks is back with a new workout craze. Check out these August 9 2012 talk show highlights.

The Doctors: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review

Tria Laser Hair Removal: August 9 2012 Talk Shows

August 9 2012 talk show highlights included a review of the Tria Laser Hair Removal system, so you can throw out your razor for good.

If you’re tired of shaving, put down that razor. TV star Tiffani Thiessen said you should be reaching for the Tria Hair Removal Laser, which is a portable home use product to fight unwanted body hair. Dr Andrew Ordon vouched for the results, but due to the cyclical nature of hair growth, you have to stick with it to get great results.

The Drs: Tria Hair Removal Laser Review | Taking Kids to the Dentist

Montel Williams: Safslim Review & Safflower Oil Investigation

TV personality Montel Williams tried Safslim and loved it so much that he asked the makers if he could be their spokesperson. But Dr Oz was skeptical about this fat burning magic bullet, so he put together his own research team to get answers. Did they conclude that this is the real deal, or a scam to watch out for?

Dr Oz: Safslim Review with Montel Williams | Does Safflower Oil Work?

PT 24/7 Review: Billy Blanks Tae Bo Sequel

After the amazing success of Tae Bo in the 1990s, Billy Blanks is back with another workout program he hopes will get everyone moving once again. This time it’s called PT 24/7, and he put The Doctors to the test on their show today to demonstrate how it works using resistance bands.

The Doctors: PT 24/7 Review | New Billy Blanks Workout

Modern Family‘s Rico Rodriguez: Britney Spears & Breaking Bad

From the smash hit sitcom Modern Family, Rico Rodriguez hung out with Kelly Ripa in Hawaii. He talked about getting Twitter attention from pop star Britney Spears and working with a star of Breaking Bad on the set of Modern Family. Could any two TV shows have less in common?

Live With Kelly: Rico Rodriguez “Modern Family” Interview

Dr Oz’s Skin Care Schedule

If you’ve been wondering why you aren’t getting results from your skin care routine, it could be because you’re using the right products at the wrong time of day. Dr Oz outlined an easy skin care schedule to help you get best results from your favorite products.

Dr Oz Skin Care Schedule: Best Time For Mosturizer, Eye & Wrinkle Cream

Talk Show Recaps: August 9 2012

Get more from today’s shows with full recaps from August 9 2012 episodes.

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