Top Talk Shows: July 31 2012

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Top Talk Shows: July 31 2012

By on July 31, 2012

July 31 2012 Talk Shows

July 31 2012 talk shows included different approaches to diet and weight management. Dr Oz shared a Cinnabon recipe to give you a comparable flavor without the calories. Kelly Ripa learned about the connection between blood sugar and weight. Plus, The Doctors tackled a new approach to Migraine management. Check out these July 31 2012 talk show highlights.

Low Cal Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Recipe

Cinnabon Recipe: July 31 2012 Talk Shows

July 31 2012 talk show highlights included Dr Oz’s Cinnabon Recipe, which recreates the restaurant treat on a fraction of the fat and calories.

Dr Oz and food hacker chef Todd Wilbur recreated the classic Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll recipe, but they did it with a fraction of the calories and fat of the breakfast pastry restaurant chain. Now you can enjoy the scents and flavors of fresh cinnamon rolls without the guilt.

Dr Oz: Low Calorie Cinnabon Cinnamon Roll Recipe by Chef Todd Wilbur

The Doctors: Neurostim Migraine Surgery

Migraines are a huge problem for people who struggle to fight chronic headaches. The Doctors took a look at the latest treatment approach for severe cases, which uses Neurostim Surgery techniques that could put relief within reach for patients. Could Migraine pain be alleviated with the touch of a button?

The Doctors: Neurostim Migraine Surgery & Chronic Migraines

The Blood Sugar Solution Diet Review

Live With Kelly Diet Week continued with a look at The Blood Sugar Solution Diet, exploring the connection between blood sugar control and weight management. Check out Dr Mark Hyman’s easy tips, such as eating natural foods and not drinking your calories.

Live With Kelly Diet Week: The Blood Sugar Solution Diet Review

Supermarket Bacteria & Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe

Dr Oz learned about the horrors that await us all at the supermarket. For example, those vegetable misters could be coating your produce in a fine sheen of bacteria. And don’t even get me started on the conveyor belt at the checkout line. Dr Oz recommended creating your own Vinegar Produce Wash at home to keep your fresh food from making you sick.

Supermarket Bacteria, Better Seafood Board & Vinegar Produce Wash Recipe

Ellen: Jonah Hill’s 21 Jump Street Stunts

From attending the Oscars with his mom to hosting Saturday Night Live and co-writing the 21 Jump Street movie, actor Jonah Hill has had a very busy year. He took a break to reflect with Ellen on everything he has been up to, explaining how he almost drowned on the set of his recent movie.

Talk Show Recaps: July 31 2012

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