Dr. Oz: Are Angels Real? True Stories of Divine Intervention & Angels


Dr. Oz: Proof of Angels?

Dr. Oz wondered how science explains divine intervention and whether we can prove angels exist. He talked about a new book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Touched by an AngelDr. Oz said he’s intrigued by angels as a doctor.

Dr. Oz: What is Neurotheology?

Dr. Oz discussed a field called “neurotheology.” It’s a neurological study of both the mind and the spirit. It turns out when you are in connection with spirit, certain parts of your brain light up. Dr. Oz said he wanted to know what these people are experiencing when that happens.


  1. Anna Jantz RN says

    My fiancé & I attended my “all years” class school reunion in October 2011. We danced one dance and sat down as he was not feeling well. Suddenly he became very pale and nonresponsive and slipped down in his chair. I immediately called for someone to call 911 and come to help. A man appeared and placed an aspirin under his tongue, lifted his feet and talked to him. I was terrified as I visualized my father who had a heart attack and died. I asked who this man was to which he responded, “a doctor”. No one else later knew who he was, what class he was from or anything!
    My fiancé was taken to the hospital by ambulance where a stent was placed and he began a program of medication, classes and
    exercise. Over 3 years later he is doing well.
    We believe that man was an angel.
    Thank you, Dr Oz, for your shows.

  2. cheryl upton says

    i watched your program gabrille bernsteln. today on dr. oz. i have to say it is true about hooking up with the angels. i can tell you 20 years of experiences. i had a cousin that i considered to be more of a brother. when he was dieing, i told him if g-d needs you, good ahead . that i will be fine but please be my guardian angel. my mom passed away nov.14, 2012. she didnt believe in this. anyway, for a whole month i heard from my cousin. mom was closed to him also. i heard him say that your mother is dieing. he was right. he was trying to get me ready for this. i have so many experiences i could most likely write a book. one more thing i will tell you. remember mom didnt believe this but i believe she told me. in april 2013, i had to go into the hospital for a hernia surgery. i was afraid to go under. the night before i was told that your not going to die. we dont want you here. dad and carl (my husband) needs you and i didnt understand why. after my surgery dad had surgery for his hernia. that sept. my husband had by pass surgery. it shows you i was warned ahead of time. again i can tell you so much more. being jewish i didnt think i should believe in this but i now understand being jewish or not has nothing to do with it. it’s a spirtual thing that i beleive is a gift and i wouldnt trade it for anything. it was nice to listen to you on dr. oz today. g-d bless

  3. Vivian Compton says

    Free Writing is a bridge. When I began, it was a very low point in my life and I said in thought, “what am I going to do”. Immediately an answer came back, Write, get that tablet off the desk. When I started to pick up the almost used up tablet I ‘heard’ not that one. There was a new legal pad there and it was ok’d. I sat down with the tablet and pen and asked, “What do I write?” Again the answer was immediate, Begin writing about anything. I wrote it was a beautiful sunny day and the birds were singing and at that point the writing became “theirs”.. Sometimes it is emphatic with all capitals other times and someone different the writer is softer. I don’t ask questions they pick who the message is for and may just say tell Jim. No matter how many Jims I may know somehow ‘they’ let me know which one. When I deliver the message the receiver is always stunned that I know they needed that help at that moment. But I did not know. The regular advice to me is about love and forgiveness and that is the purpose of my writing, to make sure that message is delivered to everyone, regardless of any other message.

  4. says

    Three months after my mother passed away in 2001 at the age of 88, I was spending Christmas Eve night with my father. Both of us were still grieving over the loss of my mother/his wife of 68 1/2 years. Many years before (probably at least 20) Mother had given me a broken, unstrung Lucite necklace that Daddy had given her, probably in the late 1940’s. The strand consists of black and white beads, each one unique, and of varying sizes and faceted shapes which appear to be molded or cut individually. On Christmas morning of 2001 I was applying my make-up in a bathroom that Mother and I had shared when I visited. I happened to glance down and saw one of these unique beads beside my left little toe! I must have been in that bathroom hundreds of times between the time Mother had given me the broken strand and that Christmas morning. NEVER had anyone seen any evidence of stray beads having been found anywhere in that bathroom nor in my parents’ home. There is no mistake – this particular bead belongs on that necklace. I still have both -the individual bead and the necklace.

  5. Laurie Smith says

    I have a daughter that is an angel having a human experience. Yes, I believe angels are among us. My daughter is an amazing psychic medium. She connects those who have crossed over to those still here to help them heal. Her messages come from God, the white light and her angels. She receives gentle messages from her angels when ever she asks. It truly is an amazing gift she has. Also, she can see your angels around you. I will be sitting there talking with her and she will say “mom, there are white lights dancing around behind you, they’re your angels!” I feel so blessed to have her here. It is very comforting.

  6. says

    I am a firm believer in angels because they are all around us. They are devine beings sent by God to us in order to help us and keep us from hurt, harm and danger. I have seen angels for years even as a child. I am not afraid of angels but it can be a sort of shocking experience when you actually see one. I have had test come back normal which were originally abnormal in the beginning. I have had my mom who is deceased come to me and tell me that I needed to go to the hospital because I was real sick with a blood clot and not to wait any longer. I went to the hospital that day and was admitted with another blood clot and stayed for almost 2 weeks hospitialized and had surgery. There has been countless of times that I have witnessed things that were supernatural that I cannot count how many times from childhood to adult hood.

  7. says

    My dear grandmother whom I considered my 2nd mother had a stroke when she was 91. I visited her a lot at the nursing center and she so enjoyed my visits. As she began to weaken, I could tell that she probably would not be around for long. One morning I decided to take the ingredients of a root beer float which she so loved to the nursing home which she so loved. I was working at a dental office at that time and had worked overtime and was so tired. It was raining hard that evening as I left the office. I had not bought the ingredients that I needed and was going to have to go by the store. As I was walking to my car I had decided that I would wait until the following day to fix the root beer float, but as I got into the car I felt someone telling me that I needed to get the ingredients now and take it to the nursing home to fix that root beer float. I did. My grandmother was so glad to see me but let me know she didn’t think she would be able drink it, so I began to fix myself one and she looked at me and said, ” I believe I want some of that”. It was hard for her to get it down, but she loved it. The following morning I received a call saying she had passed. How greatful I I listened to that voice whom I’m sure was an angel.

  8. Amy Kabel says

    I found out my dog Hank was diagnosed with cancer and I was on a flight that I wasn’t suppose to be on and just happened to sit next to a vet who told me to get a second opinion which in turn saved my dog’s life. We believed this Caroline was our angel send to us from God! We are so grateful to her!

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