Dr. Oz: Bikes for Angels Review & Man Gives Away Bikes to Kids in Need


Dr. Oz: Bikes for Angels Review

Dr. Oz talked about an incredible man who turned a retirement dream into a reality that brings a lot of joy to children across the country. Rick and Dee Curlee have been spreading a lot of happiness to children. They have a charity that gives bikes to children in need. As of this year, they’ve given away 3,500 bikes.


  1. Danny Eggleton says

    I just saw the Dr. Oz program. I’m in the process of trying to retire from the cabinet business. Impressed with what you are doing and wondered if I could do it here in Hobbs New Mexico.

  2. Rick Curlee says

    The Dr. OZ show experience was absolutely wonderful. Everyone on his crew were some of the nicest people you could ever meet. When we met Dr. OZ we understood why. He is a great example of a teamleader leading by example.

  3. Dathan Knowles says

    Can you send me an email of the link to the oz episode, Nobody here at auto tech knows where to find it, by the way, we miss you haha, Mr. Curlee, you are an amazing teacher, and whenever possible, could you please drop by to say hi? My email is [email protected]

  4. Rick Curlee says

    i would be glad to send the correct logo for Bikes for Angels if you like. I am trying to get a link as we speak.

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