Dr Oz: Dandruff Fenugreek Seed, Bloating Fennel Seeds & Natural Cures


Dr Oz: Strawberry Baking Soda Teeth Whitener

Patricia, an audience member, joined Dr Oz on stage to discuss Natural Remedies. The issue she had was that she loved coffee and tea and drank both on a regular basis, but it caused stains on her teeth. Dr Oz asked Patricia to flash him a smile so he could check out her teeth. He said they weren’t that bad, but could use a little whitening.


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    Fennel is wonderful for bloating, but for many people it’s more practical and effective to use fennel tea. You can get fennel seed tea made from the whole fennel seeds, and just brew a cup for bloating and gas. It helps to look for fennel tea that is high volatile oil and in jumbo teabags so it’s strong. Much easier to drink the fennel tea than to have to chew the seeds!

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