Dr. Oz: Jennifer Aniston Cake, Dealing with Chronic Pain & Painkillers


Dr. Oz: Jennifer Aniston Cake

The incredibly talented Jennifer Aniston came by Dr. Oz to talk about her new movie Cake. In the new movie, Jennifer Aniston plays a drug-addicted woman suffering from pain that just won’t go away. It’s estimated that as many as 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain, making this a critical issue.

In Cake, Jennifer Aniston’s character is a physical and emotional wreck after an accident leaves her with incredible pain. She pops painkillers to cope and goes to great lengths to satisfy her addiction. Jennifer Aniston’s role is even earning her Oscar buzz.

Dr. Oz: Jennifer Aniston Chronic Pain

Dr. Oz: Jennifer Aniston Cake, Dealing with Chronic Pain & Painkillers

Actress Jennifer Aniston came by Dr. Oz to talk about her new movie Cake and to discuss the people who deal with chronic pain every single day and are overcoming painkiller addiction. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)



  1. says

    Hello, I had a friend who use to wake up in the morning and it was wretched for her to straighten out her legs and she would almost be crying and I couldn’t believe it as I watched and she told me she had Chronic Pain syndrome and I asked how long before you can get up, she said a good while like an hour. I was horrified to see the excruciating pain she suffered and this was real. I also seen the prescribed medications she took a huge bag like suitcase to carry it all in. She had lots of pain medications such as lorataps and Alprazalam and morphine and more. Jennifer Aniston is awesome in the clips and so believable that I never seen Hollywood deal with this type of illness before in a motion picture drama. I really hope she wins the Academy Award because the drama was so intense she reminded me of my friend suffering and she was amazing in the trailer clips. Chronic Pain suffering is real and I was educated about it through my friend back in 2006. The sad thing was there was nothing I could do or anyone could do she just had to take the pain and sadly she is addicted to the pain killers just like Jennifer Aniston’s Claire in the movie CAKE. I’m rooting for her to get the well deserved awards all of them that she was nominated for. I’ve always been a fan of Jen’s and always felt she was way too underestimated and now this movie gives her the recognition she truly deserves as a very very talented woman she has always been and also brings to light the sufferers of Chronic Pain Syndrome. Best of Luck to Jennifer Aniston during awards season. I also liked your answer Dr.Oz, don’t drink if you want at good night’s sleep. Sincerely Felicia

  2. inchronicpainconstantly says

    I think this movie is a horrible portrayal of real life people with chronic pain. Jen did fine. But people in real pain take pain medication which blocks the pain receptors. This allows us to move and pretend we are somewhat normal. Pain meds allow us to be able to work and live a semi, although less active life. People who do not have pain and take pain meds do not have pain receptors to block, therefore, they feel high. That high feeling is not felt by someone with pain. Yes, your body may become physically dependent but that is not addiction. Addiction is addiction to the high feeling. Many people with chronic pain who take pain meds just to be able to move go to Pain Management doctors every month for scripts and sometimes pee tests. We are not druggies. Many of us suffer ridicule from friends and family who think we are drug addicts because we must have something to block those pain receptors in order to live normal lives. This movie comfirms the misinformation and gives those family members a sense of having proof we are druggies just because we take meds. It also gives the impression that if you get off the meds the pain just goes away and you become normal again. I’ve stopped the meds just to make family members hapoy and lost my job because I was in too much pain to get up.abd around to do my job. This film should have been researched better with advice from Pain Management doctors and people in real life long chronic pain that isn’t just going away because the pain meds are stopped. Addiction and a bodies physical dependence are two totally completely different things. I hope this movie gets real doctors out there in the public eye discussing what chronic pain is all about. It isn’t about buying drugs in Mexico it’s about trying to control the pain so we can live as normal as we can and pretend to be like you and everyone else who is able to sit, stand, walk and move without constant, never ending pain. Also, pain meds don’t take the pain away completely, they take pain from maybe a 10 to a 6. Nobody in chronic pain gets 100% relief from pain pills even if you took more than prescribed, they can only block pain receptors to an acceptable level. We don’t take them because we are addicted we take them because God gave a challenge to live with pain and we are doing the best we can to meet the challenge and not live on social security but to be able to be functioning contributing members of society. This movie is just another hollywood perception on something they don’t know anything about.

  3. says

    DEPENDENT and ADDICTED are NOT interchangeable. In reality only a small percentage of Chronic Pain patients become ADDICTED, almost all are DEPENDENT. 9 out of 10 times if a CP patient is showing behaviors of addiction, they are actually suffering from PSEUDO-ADDICTION (drug seeking behavior due to under treatment of pain) n order to find any relief since Doctor ‘s, including pain management specialists, are afraid of prescribing what a patient needs for adequate relief.
    All of you specialists/authorities on this subject of treating CP, try living in our bodies for one 72 hour period. I would love to hear your expert advice afterwards.

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