Dr. Oz: Living with Chronic Headaches & Does Stress Cause Headaches?


Dr. Oz: Chronic Headaches

Dr. Oz talked about Brandi, who suffers from chronic headaches. Brandi said her pounding headaches feel like a sledgehammer hitting her head. The pain at night is unbearable for her. She wakes up every two hours and never feels rested.

Her headaches started out as a nagging feeling from time to time. These progressed to two to three times a week and now happen at least once a day. She had to leave her job because her headaches were getting so bad.

Dr. Oz: Did Stress Cause Her Headaches?

Dr. Oz: Living with Chronic Headaches & Does Stress Cause Headaches?

Dr. Oz talked to a woman living with chronic headaches. Does stress play a role in your headaches? (j-pocztarski / flickr)



  1. Sandra Harmeyer says

    I suffered from tension headaches for over 20 years.The first year left me unable to work,grocery shop,clean house-you name it I was incapacitated.I did go back to a stressful job and pretty much had a headache daily.I went to neurologists for the duration and the thing that helped the best was bio feedback-hands down.Acupucture helped and I did take nortryptaline and inderol.I didn’t keep up with the biofeedback and I tried botox injections for the last 5 years which also worked wonderfully.Also young living natural oils has a blend called M-grain which smelling it and rubbing it on my temples helped.Finally I retired and am now pretty much headache free-so the lack of my stressful job has been the best anti tension relief of all

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