Dr. Oz was asked by Andrea about chronic constipation.  She wanted to know how long should it take a meal to digest and how many times a day should a person poop? Dr. Oz’s shocking answer is revealed on the next page!


  1. I poop 2-3 times a day, And I know I have a perfect diet, enough fiber and enough water really helps clear out your system, which I believe can help you loose belly fat

  2. Depends, sometimes I’ll go 3 days without pooping. I have timid poop, took me 2 months to feel comfortable to poop at my boyfriends house so I’d go all weekend without doing it.
    However, the last week. I’ve been going 3-7 times a day!
    They aren’t small movements either…

  3. I have been pooping 12 times a day. There is blood mixed in with the poo. Sometimes there is green mucus. One time it was even WHITE! Am I a ghost? I need help. This chronic dhiaria is killing me. i eat lots of meat.

  4. Joanna, I’m a little late to this, but that blood is probably hemorrhoids from excessive bowel movements. You should see a doctor about that. More meat is NOT what you should be eating to help with your bowels; less meat is generally better. You should try to eat more fiber. Fiber, while it does help with constipation, will also help keep you from pooping quite so much, as well. What it does it “keep you regular”, ie, help you have normal, consistent movements. So, get some psyllium into your diet.

    12 times a day is NOT normal, even for someone who poops a lot. I generally have 3-4 bowel movements a day, which is pretty good, but NOT 12. If this is recent, it may just be an illness working it’s way through your body. If it’s something that’s been going on for a while, go see a doctor. It could be something more serious.

  5. Joanna, do you have sudden urges to go, or have to get up at night to go? You should see your doctor or a gastroenterologist. I’m not a doctor, but IMO you have symptoms of inflamed bowels / colon which suggests chrohns disease or colitis.

  6. When i had a very unhealthy lifestyle (smoking drinking) I used to poop almost after every meal. Now i dont smoke, drink and i’m a fitness nut (exercise 5 days a week), i consume mostly protein and this just makes me pass gas instead of pooping. I almost have to force myself to poop once a day. The usual is about once every 2-3 days. What is wrong?
    P.S Every morning i eat oatmeal with bananas, milk & Honey (Almost constant)

  7. I have very small bowel movements a couple times a week. My poo is only the size of small grapes and I have so much gas. I have no feeling that I need to go but when I do it is all of a sudden and then its like one big ball of grapes I can’t pass.

  8. Ben, we are not affiliated with Dr Oz, we are just Dr Oz’s biggest fan site. So unfortunately, since I am not a doctor, I really cannot tell you if your bowel movements are normal or healthy. Have you spoken to your doctor about it? Could it be that you are eating way too much fiber? Just throwing it out there…

  9. I eat a fibre diet (i.e. oatmeal for breakie and avg 3-5 veggies and fruit per day), drink avg 8 glasses of water per day or more, and exercise. I have small bowel movement a couple times a week that is small and hard to release.

  10. hi i am on iron tablets and I go to poop once a day first thing in the moring when i wake up becuase i am tryign to loose weight and eat fibre and now iron . But i want to know how much you should poop at a time. I only poop little ones and the are dark brown becuase of the iron. I use to poop long ones until i got sick and was on antibiotics and then i got the runs and then constipated . Then i drank 500ml of prune juice. Well i think everythign feel out. Then after that it hasnt been the same . What can i do to make it come back to normal.

  11. Hi, i usually poop about every 2 days…and i don’t have a good diet either…what should i eat to make my metabolism faster? and im 13 if it matters.

  12. I was watching your show last week and took notes but I was not really fast enough to get it all down. It was regards true or false I hope you can remember when that was. You had some great tips and I would like this revealed to me by my email above. A product versus another. I learned a lot and I do want to review your show again. I am very health conscious I am a grandmother and nobody believes that I am I am having another birthday this Nov 12 th The doctors tell me my blood work is great. I never eat out and I monitor everything that I eat and eat healthy snacks as well and make my own smoothies and cook all of my meals.No preservatives as I am unable to tollerate them being born in Australia. I repefer the healthy diets and foods with less salt and sugars etc in them. Great show hopefully one day I can appear on your show. Lis Reed Arlington Texas Thanks Dr Oz

  13. Caity, since I am not a doctor, I cannot advise you medically. However, if you do not have a good diet, I would try improving your diet because that can help improve so many aspects of your health. Eating fiber-rich foods may also help!

  14. Hi Liz! We are not affiliated with Dr Oz, we are just Dr Oz’s biggest fan website, so I’m afraid I cannot get answers for you from Dr Oz. I am not totally sure which segment you are trying to find more information about, but could it be this one: If not, please let me know what the content was and I will do my best to find you a link to a re-cap of that Dr Oz segment!

  15. I go twice in the morning in a matter of hours as soon as i wake up i have to go and then bout 2 hours later i have to go again… Then sometime during the day i have to go again… then later on during the day i might go once more…

    Usually anywhere from 4-5 times a day… EVERYDAY… Is this unhealthy???

  16. i poop 5 times a day and it comes out loke green nasty water is there something wrong with me?

  17. i poop once every hour my diet consists of chips and coke i have high blood pressure i am 5 foot 9 and weigh 298 pounds is that excellent or good?

  18. Lately my poo movements have been very strange, they are very infrequent, smell strange, look strange and taste even worse, although when I mix it with the usual peanut butter blend(to save money on peanut butter) you usually can’t tell the difference, anyways any advice on how to fix my poos?

  19. I moved to a new area temporarily and have been eating more fiber and fruit. I usually have powder but realized plus that I have been eating fiber cereal and fiber granola bars, etc.. Since that time I have been going poop almost every time I go to the bathroom to go pee. I cut back some fiber. It doesnt hurt and its not diahhrea. Sometimes small ones, sometimes big. But usually now 4-5 times a day where once I went every other or every third day. Does this sound normal? Any thoughts would be helpful. thx

  20. Lately I’ve been pooping 4 to 6 times or more a day & have had problems in the past with tummy pains. They think it could be my gull bladder. Is this why? & NO its usually not solid. More like diarhea. My bowel movements are hardly ever normal. Usually ill poop a lot or ill be constipated really bad :/

  21. hey i see all these posts are from last year so hopefully someone can answer my question hopefully a doctor or w.e..

    this is embaressing…..but i cant poop =/ i eat normal not alot of meat but enough and all the good stuff i cant seem to poop i always have urges to go but nothing comes out i guess im constipated but all the time.?? idk i dont poop everyday and if i do i gotta push real hard for little nuggets..hahah sorry to much info..i havent gone to the dr yet figured id look it up first.

    i use to take lots of laxatives or things that make you poop. back when i was trying to loose weight obviousally not knowing it would effect me in the im wondering if maybe thats a reason why my bowels are no longer healthy..curious is thats fixable or will i have to take laxs to poop the rest of my life >_<

  22. Mostly I poop 15 times a day and I have also so many puffs and too much bowl movement. I have weight gain day by day with ordinary eating habit. I go to hospital so many times for examination and the result is no parasite but I feel so many bowl movement at the time of eating and always scratching my annus to feel good. so, what is going on in my health? can you help me on this matter?

  23. it is very hard for me to go to the toilet sometimes i go after three day although am pregnant am on folic acid i can’t use iron cause it will get even worse what can i do to help that.

  24. it is very hard for me to go to the toilet sometimes i go after three days although am pregnant am on folic acid i can’t use iron cause it will get even worse what can i do to help that

  25. I poop every night, on my girlfriend. It turns her on. Should I see a doctor?

  26. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone, I mean EVERYONE!!!!! should be “going” AT LEAST once a day. Firm, brown, “log-gish” type of easy feeling. Don’t mean to sound gross, but it ‘s true. Firm, not hurting means you’ve had enough absorbtion from your diet. Brown means all the “colors” from all your foods coming together – this is GOOD! White means to many condensed foods. Period. Long and stringy, MIGHT be blockage…only over time….2 times a day is a bit better= Morning wake and before/close after dinner. Huge fan of the “pooping”. Keep it clean, keep your body healthy and imagine what pooping can actually do for you if it’s normal. Wahooo! just saying……

  27. Guys: let me tell you all what will help you become “regular.”

    Sip 2 TABLESPOONS of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (Bragg’s brand with the “mother”) MIXED WITH WATER throughout the day. I have been doing that, and besides it clearing up my breakouts, I have been going poop once daily now. I usually used to once every 4 days and I used to have chronic stomach aches doctors couldn’t figure out. Now the aches are gone and not to mention my skin is glowy, less breakouts, and I’ve been less sleepy. Look it up,
    ACV is great for other problems too.

  28. Weight gain and regularity became a concern for me once I took an office job working for a distributor of vehicle tracking devices. The best advice I can suggest is to cut soda from the daily diet, only having as a treat every once in awhile, and replacing that with water. Also, making certain Monday-Friday to eat a high fiber cereal for breakfast. By making those two changes you should see significant improvement in weight and regularity.

  29. Em’s comment on apple cider vinegar would definitely help. The stuff can help with a lot of things. Rub it on your skin after a shower. I usually have incredibly greasy hair and I’d get it overnight after a shower. Now it never gets greasy, not even after several days.

    To ingest it you definitely need a strong stomach. I recommend drinking with very hot water. If you drink it cold I guarantee you’ll gag and if you’re lucky you won’t throw up.

    Now, the guy above me has a good point. You should make an effort to eat healthier. But why only on certain days? You should avoid man-made food like the plague. Water is also your best friend for those that don’t have bowel movements often. Always drink 6-8 glasses a day. Get to the market and buy vegetables and fruit, fresh only. You should have 2-5 of them each at every meal.

    You should only be having a bowel movement every other day and never have stomach pain. I don’t know about those of you that are having multiple a day, but I suggest you drop the junk food and start investing more healthy foods in your diet. It’ll pay off.

    And don’t forget your exercises! At least 30 minutes a day, but I’d recommend 2-4 hours a day. 2 hours of strength training and 2 hours cardio. Enjoy life.

  30. I go 1 to 2 times a day usually, and sometimes 3 times a day. I drink a lot of water and tea, which I definitely notice if I’m feeling backed up the black tea (I drink it hot, with a little milk, and a little honey) helps me go sometimes. I typically eat different things for breakfast each day (but always eat breakfast) like healthy cereal with Lactaid milk (I am lactose intolerant), hot cereal like Bob’s steelcut oats multigrain hot cereal, or fruit like a banana with plain yogurt with cinnamon, or turkey bacon, an egg, and whole wheat toast with a little jam (if I have an egg with anything, I usually chop up mushrooms and green peppers into it and add lots of spices and herbs), or an egg and cheese sandwich, or a healthy natural peanut butter with banana sandwich on whole wheat bread. If I can’t eat something hearty because I’m running late or not hungry enough but have to eat, I’ll at least grab the yogurt or banana and eat one of them or both if I have time. For lunch, I usually pack for work leftovers from dinner, or healthy foods like two to three different fruits, a small bag of carrots or cucumber slices, a healthy sandwich, or a salad I made at home, and a big bowl of frozen mixed veggies cooked in our work microwave, plus multi grain healthy snack crackers for between meal hunger, or unsalted peanuts to snack on between meals. that’s a typical lunch if we haven’t cooked the night before. But for dinner we eat healthy, too, typically, and sometimes have meat, sometimes not. Vegetables and fruit are usually half of my lunch and vegetables are half of my dinner each day, though. I don’t have a salt tooth, but I definitely have a sweet tooth on occasion. I’m a 30 year old woman, and my monthly cycle is a difficult time with the sweet tooth, so that is when my normal diet kinda goes out the window. If I feel queasy from cramps, I can’t eat sometimes, or if I do eat, I eat a whole lot more than usual at other times when I don’t feel queasy or in pain from cramps. I have bad cramps. Anyway, I try to consume things with extra calcium and vitamin D since I’m lactose intolerant, like Lactaid milk, yogurt, and a variety of types of foods day to day. I do not eat out at fast food places; they have made my system irregular in the past or made me feel sick, and I don’t eat fried stuff because it gives me heartburn and an acid reflux feeling. I think the lactose intolerance has made me more careful with digestive issues anyway. I take a pill for the intolerance, too. I feel my best going poop twice a day, and if I can only go once I can feel regular but in the morning the next day I have to go immediately pretty much upon waking up if I haven’t had the second poop of the day the day before. I don’t have a perfect diet (am human), but I try to do well.

  31. I go several times per day, sitting here on my 5th one as I type this on the laptop not joking either. You should be going once per day minimum and if you are not then you need to eat a healthier diet with more dairy, (probiotics) drink more water, and eat more fiber.

    I find that after drinking some fresh brewed whole leaf black tea from teavana I will immediately have to go afterwards but remember don’t sweeten your tea with white sugar use raw honey or agave syrup. Then I eat breakfast or lunch and usually have to go again shortly afterwards.

    Some things that can cause constipation are not drinking enough water for one, not eating enough times a day and also if you take some medications like opiates / pain pills for example this can really clog you up. I had an ex girlfriend who would only go every few days and always had constipation from taking pain pills and it was a constant battle for her she endured alot of suffering and pain as a result. I tried my best to help unplug her but that just made a big mess, not even funny. Needless to say it is not a healthy way to live and exactly why she is now my ex. So Em if you are reading this, I don’t need your (infrequent) sh#t anymore! lol

    This is a serious comment by the way, live healthy and take care of your body you only have one life. God bless! 🙂

  32. If you’re consuming 25 grams of fiber per day then you should be pooping 2 times a day. 1 movement isn’t enough. If you can’t go each day that means not enough fiber,not enough water and you’re most likely consuming foods that bind you up. Too much meat of any kind does bind you up alot. Stay away from fast foods,colas and hard cheeses if you’re constipated. Rice and potatoes can really make a hard bm painful.

  33. Lately, I’ve been pooping 4-6 times a day. It’s usually a shade of orange and it feels painfully hot on my anus on it’s way out. Sometimes I think I need to go but only farts come out. I still end up going to the bathroom a lot because I want to avoid an accident, especially at work. When it comes out easily, it’s usually 2 or 3 orange logs. When its a bit more difficult, just a couple of floater bits fly out accompanied with really bad smelling farts. I would like to be a little more normal and get more work done and have less failed attempts. Why should I do?

  34. Its very hard for me to poop.. sometimes it takes me like 1 week or 2 to poop.I have stomache sometimes also.ANd i dont know what im doing wrong to have me constipated so much.And this been happening for a while. Now my son who is 10months is going through the same thing. I dont know what may be causing this. What should I do ?

  35. I have a problem i’ve been to the doctor’s to have a colonoscopy done 2 months ago nothing wrong there except the doc telling me it was cloudy to where he couldn’t see what he needed to see…..i don’t get to go to the bathroom but once a month been like that since i was a kid..i’m taking in alot more fiber (flax seed) to be exact but still do not go everyday..i have to take laxative’s when i get so bad….my stomach bloat’s like a basketball with everything and i mean everything i eat..i drink more water as well and benefiber……but still yet i’m still having alot of trouble’s killing me

  36. i need to go for long toilet about 5 times a day. i dont even remember since when. what should be done to make it only once a day.

  37. I have been told here in the last few weeks that I have bladder infection and since then(even before then) I have had to go to the bathroom maybe 10 times, but I only have to pee. While Im sitting down to pee,I also have to poop and this happens every time I go. Also when I am wiping my butthole hurts to wipe, like there is a tear in it or something.

  38. I need to go poop right now, but am too lazy to get off the couch and walk across my apartment. Instead I read all these wonderful responses to pooping. Eating chips and drinking coke only for a diet while pooping every hour is good. Continue. Pooping on said girlfriend….. not going to touch that one. Don’t poop but once every 1-2 weeks, try harder. How much poop do you poop when you do poop? I am pooped from writing this.

  39. Once you get to be 50, this topic becomes super important. Healthy eating, digestion, and elimination are key to feeling good and avoiding problems later on. Keep the poop discussion going Dr. Oz!!

  40. Dear John Gumption,

    You are a creep to post such a thing on the internet. Maybe see a shrink??


    All of humankind

  41. @John:

    I too have the same feeling. Pushing out a big bowel movement is awesome and also excites me. I’m not gay but I feel these euphoric feelings described. Life is short, so enjoy a nice sh*t!

  42. Well I poop every two weeks is that normal I don’t get stomach pain and when I do poop it come to the of 5in to 6in of poop can some tell me if something wrong with me

  43. Well I poop every two weeks is that normal I don’t get stomach pain and when I do poop it come to the of 5in to 6in of poop can some tell me if something wrong with me.plz

  44. @basic psichiatry, sigmund freid was an idiot and psychology is 200 years behind. It doesnt have squat to dO with his childhood you dimwit… And that kind of sounds like incest… Disgusting anyhow dude, its a totally normal turn on.

  45. @ dr astor you are 100% correct and your explanation makes more sense than anybody else’s here. Well, that’s why doctors are on this planet thumbs up…

  46. Dr.Oz, I have a question. I’m really scared. I go poo like 3-7 times a day now. I just took a blood test and I’m getting my results on Sunday this week. I heard that somethings wrong. I’m really scared! Is there a chance that I might get a disease or something?

  47. sorry for the last message i mest up on the last message what i meant was that how many times a day should a person go poop. I’m 13 years old .

  48. I havn’t pooped in 5 days :O but I don’t have stomach pain tho.. but I’m gonna drink much water and eat more fiber!

  49. I had a huge stomach upset last thursday and now I haven’t pooped for 5 days and I have had stomach pain (severe) since Thursday.
    please help?

  50. i poop 3 to 4 times a day without any pain like constipation. it just automatically feels wanna poo. i eat lots of veggie and drink plenty of water a day like 2 litre a it normal?

  51. I am taking Zantac 150 twice a day since then I’ve noticed a change in my bowel movements I haven’t had a bowel movement for 3 days is that okay? what should I do? I have to take my Zantac twice a day for acid reflux

  52. I’m 17 years old and ive only pooped like 4 times my whole life. What
    Does this mean? Please help. Please.

  53. I poo like every 7 days and my moms says that’s why im always bloated, but i try and do a poo but it doesn’t happen. I eat vegetables every night and i drink up to 250ml a day of water?

  54. Ok so when I was little I used to only poop about once a week. Now I am 15 going on 16. Recently I have been defecating 1-3 times a day. What is my problem?

  55. Dear Dr.Oz
    I poop about every time go to the bathroom, and most of the time its thin,brownish to grayish in color and it smells sometime. most of the time its runny and i get really bad cramps.

  56. Me’s gotta tell you. I t’ink I poop about 9.9 times a day. Nine time in da toliet, .9 time in my pants. ‘Course not as bad as Arnold Jensen. Between old Arnie and his 3-legged dog, they go about 45 times a day. Man d’at dog poops like a menopausal hamster. Arnie, just goes in his pants. He smell like da washroom at da train station.

    Best poop is afta I slurp on my woman’s sowa milk and flap jacks. Next to d’at when I go down for sum sowa fish!

  57. i dookie every 5 minutes and its green and runny and feels good when it comes out of my butthole!! i like to smell it to and it taste pretty good!!

  58. I’m really scared because i’m pooping almost every 10 min. and to make it worse I threw up while pooping. Please help me!

  59. My hubby poos 4 to 5 times a day. Usually and it’s been going on for years now. But now he has started to go less about 2 or 1 a day. I don’t know if that’s a good sign or bad. But sometimes I get worried. Right after he eats he has to go to the restroom. But not sure what’s going one with him. He’s going to be 38 this year, I don’t know if age has anything to do with it as well… but I just want my hubby to be healthy.

  60. I eat plenty of vegetables,only lean meats and get enough fiber but I wind having to go two or three different times before I feel like I am this normal?

  61. I am 69 years old & only weigh 125 lbs. I work 24 hrs each week as a courtesy clerk
    at a grocery store. Unfortunately, every day i have to gather carts, usually 5, every
    time & this wears me down. My problem is that once in awhile I have a real lot of
    feces come out of me in a short period of time. No blood, No black feces, no diarhia,
    no constipation. My wife tells me i worry too much. Help!

  62. I poop 3 to 4 times a day but am in potty for half hour to one hour and some times more. Does it effect my bowel movement or my testosterone count? Please help.

  63. I poop about 7-8 times a day and the poop is always light brown..Is that too many times to poop in a day?

  64. hello. i’m very concerned for all your poops. i ate half a bagel today when i woke up and i was like thats good. then i pooped normally. white poop doesn’t exist. i’ve never seen it. i don’t have it. if you have it, please attach a picture. that would be helpful in my studies of white poop. i can send you pictures of my poop too. thank you.

    -dr. justine

  65. Hi Dr OZ, I need your help! I have a 6 year old granddaughter who is absolutely petrify to go poop in the toilet. when she feels the pressure , she crosses her leg so tied so it wont come out
    but it does, and she goes in her pants. My daughter is at the end of her rope. She has taken her to her ped, he gives her stool softeners. That wont do nothing for her. What can she do to help her understand that its OK to let it go. Natalee is her name, and she is very petite for her age. She weighs about 30lbs and she about 39 inches tall. She is so tiny, she wears a size 3T still. Please Dr. Oz we need your help. Or more like my granddaughter needs your help. Thank you, Lena

  66. I poop out what looks like king can size turds.I thought it wasn’t normal but I asked a doctor and he said it was thank god.

  67. what does it mean when you havnt pooped, pissed, or got my period in like 3years? please help iwant my poo back,

  68. and my friend hasnt pooped for like 2 months and hasnt had her period for a year after she had her last child and she cant get pregnant anymore, and she always get urine infections.

  69. I poop once a week.
    Regular brown, but it smells kinda bad.
    Ive been braking out lately.
    Idk I need help D:

  70. I don’t poop alot at all. I go once a week if that and they are always really small grape size. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me a laxative that is healthier than ex lax and others with that ingredient in it and she said to take it if i don’t have a bowel move ment in two days so i take it but still once a week i go all grapes. I tried taking fiber tablets and drinking lots of water but still once a week and grape size. i eat yogurt, and sometimes i eat legumes. I eat a lot of veggies sometimes raw. sometimes i eat some fruit. I don’t know what else to try so if anybody has suggestions i open

  71. dear dr, oz i am only 11 and this month i have not gone regularly almost once every 5 days i usualy had a satisfying poo every day but things have changed please help

  72. I have been in Thailand for three weeks and only just realized last night I haven’t done a poo in three and a half days. I am not having any stomach problems at all but find it strange as I usually go one to two times a day? I have read a lot of posts and I will try more fibre because I haven’t kept track of my food intake while on holiday so I will try pay more attention to it and eat more fibre and hope it helps. I just wanted to know if this is normal and what I should do if I still haven’t gone within the next 24 hours?

  73. Sam me to i’m only 12 and i feel like this is bad i want help from adults but i’m shy so this is the only thing that can help me right now if it is bad i will surely tell an adult(Mom or dad) about it i have even tryed telling them but my sisters are always near and it makes me nervous.

  74. yesterday i poop 20 times!!!! and if i eat something or swallow something my stomach hurts!

  75. I poop 1 or 2 times a day but have alot of gas too! Often, if I run for 6 or more miles on a given day, I will exceed these numbers. Is this too little? What makes for more frequent visits when I run for excessive miles?

  76. hi,i go to toilet wit 3-4 times in the morning with a kind of discomfort which last for hours.i was told its colitis and i should watch wat i eat.i notice my stomach dont do well with heavy food & milk @al.wat should i do?

  77. Hi I’ve been on holiday in a hot place for about a week now and I’ve only taken 1 small poop its that normal ?

  78. My bowels are always soft but I only go once every 3-4 days. I have even ate corn and tracked it. It takes about 4 days to go through my body. Its so weird. I have tried fiber but that just makes it worse. I ended up getting impacted.

  79. my mom in law is 89 yrs old …she likes to massage her anus to go poop all day long an she eats lik a bird but the poop never stops she gets it everywhere something has to be wrong …she wont stop….help !!!!!!!

  80. Need help doing the poop.. I only go once a week if im lucky.. And I know its not normal. Would like some type of help.. I’ve been like this I could say 4 years.. Please anyone…

  81. Im gonna be 14 in a month.
    I run every night, but I dont eat too much.
    I weigh 114 pounds & am 5’1 .
    I have been pooping every other day except now its been
    Two days that I havent pooped . Is that bad? Whats should Ido!

  82. Once I blocked up a toilet from a poo. But seriously go about 6 times a day, i eat mainly quarter pounders, and chicken nuggets. I’m 14, 5’6” and weigh 215 pounds.

  83. I poop little unusual shapes. Usually they are flattened animal shaped nuggets. I.e. bears, elephants, giraffes, etc. Lol. Sorry if its too much info. Hahaha. But, its not just animal shapes, sometimes it’s everyday objects like hammers, forks, knives and etc. I have even popped out little celebrity faces I.e. Connie Chung, Captain Kangaroo, Willie Nelson, and the Virgin Mary. What should I do?! I don’t even like Willie Nelson!!! Why can’t it be like…Kim Kardashian?!

  84. I poop 1-3 times a day and i’m glad i’m a daily pooper. my poos are usually soft, not too thick and easy to pass out. A little pushing is still required, even with soft poos, but i am pretty empty afterwards. A very long time ago (20 years) there was a period i pooped 2-3 times per week. In that period, i had a lot of discomfort after pushing out a 3-days old rock hard log. Not fine!!! on the other hand, when i should push out such logs nowadays, it would be much easier for me, because my poo hole can handle big logs much easier than 20 years ago and i am able to better relax my anus. I assume this is normal….(if not, please let me know)!

  85. I have been pooping ten times a day. My feaces comes out violently as if it had enough power behind it to launch me into space. My girlfriend is worried as she enjoys when i poop on her chest but my poop is coming out with such velocity that it broke two of her ribs. Help me please

  86. The key to normal, healthy bowel movements is:

    1) 2 of 3 meals a day
    2) Lots of fruits and vegetables
    3) No meat
    4) Lots of water
    5) Exercise
    6) proper rest

    That’s it. If you have a sedentary lifestyle you can supplement with psyllium husks, and get the husks, unsweetened, so you can avoid all the garbage they put in fiber supplements.

  87. I poop every time I eat im so scared they have run every testing I mean everything they dont know whats wrong with me

  88. Hi I have had 3 colonoscopys and they can not figure out by I do not poop. I can go days and even weeks without a movement. I usually take 3 phillips laxatives for 3 days before I go. I currently have been trying Miralax. Today is day 4 and still no movement. Is there anything else you recommend? Please help. Michelle

  89. Michelle, you sound like my mom! She Has IBS and something else that Doctors can’t seem to figure out, they always tell her the same thing! You have IBS! And shes like, Really? I had no idea! NOT! She has had so many test done, and its not uncommon for her to go a week or several weeks with out a movement. She has even gone over a month without going! Its scary! Shes done a cleansing which totally messed her stomach up due to this unknown problem.

    I go about 2-3 times a day, she thinks thats too much. Is it?

  90. I was just in Mexico and managed to get what the Doctor there told me was E-coli. It seemed to fit the description…6 days with a high fever about 3 solid days of days of diarrhea and vomiting…2 of the days I passed mostly intestinal blood. He put me on CIPRO for 9 days and I fought to stay hydrated and I got better quickly. Now I am back in the states and I am taking probiotic supplements. I have never felt better. Normally I seen to go every other day, often feeling bloated and gassy, not a big movement usually. Now I go “big” like 2-3 times a day…but I feel great…flat tummy, no gas…stool seems …good, if there is such a thing. I feel like I am going though some sort of “cleanse”. I wonder if the Ecoli infection some how changed me forever and if I should stick with the probiotics.

  91. I’ve never met anyone who takes a poop more than once a day.
    How can you bare it? my butt would hurt like hell if i took a poop more than 1 or 2 times a day. all that wiping??? after my ritual of wiping my butt is sore as crap and will sometimes bleedif its a soft sticky one because i have to wipe so much.
    are those small poops or what? mine are like about a subway size foot long. but ti’s been like that since i was a child. hell, even the few times i’ve had bad almost liquid diarrhea i’ve only pooped maybe twice a day at most.

    is that bad? are toxins going to build up and give me cancer before i hit 20 or 30?

  92. Sarah. How old are you?
    And.. go to a doc if you can. if you can’t drink a lot of prune juice. make sure it’s not the filtered type. the more natural with chunks the better or just eat a ton of prunes for a temporary fix.

  93. I go 3-5 times a day and I know when I have to go because I get Sharp stabbing pains through my stomach and intestines. I have been to a gi doc and they did a colonoscopy but said everything looks fine. I’ve paid attention to what I eat like I’ve tried cutting out dairy products, or less/more fiber.. I stopped drinking alcohol and drink enough water everyday. I just can’t find a way to make the pain stop. Does anyone else deal with this?

  94. I’ve been pooping sparkles for the past 3 weeks, but I love eating glitter. I’ve tried to stop but I just can’t. What should I do? HELP PLEASE! i’m desperate. 🙁

  95. I am in my 20’s and I dont really eat too much fiber and I drink about 2 bottles of water a day, which isnt much. I know I need to excerise and drink more water but I dont as of now. I use to not have problems pooping but about 4 years ago i would go like 3 weeks without using the bathroom and I would be so constipated when I finally did feel like going poop it would be very very painful. Well I havent had that problem in 4 years. Well lately I had a episode were i felt like I was going to the bathroom and I was extremely constipated and it was so painful and took me 6 hours for it to come out. Its been about about 3-4 days now and I havent pooped and I am extremely scared to go through that pain again. I dont want to drink prune juice or laxatives because it makes me cramp so bad but i guess if I have to I will. Please any advice would be helpful! Also in these 3 to 4 days I had alot of cheese which I know makes me constipated and it probably why I havent pooped but I feel like I should at least have gone by now!!!

  96. Hi,for me it is different. someday i poop 2 or 3 times in a day, and sometimes one time a day. is it normal?

  97. I have not pooped in 8 days i am out of no where in much pain from it and i am scared to take a laxative because i am never home during the day and refuse to go to the bathroom in public…. Would u suggest a day off to clear my bowels? By the way i have been diagnosed with IBS and i have done bowel cleanings before at one point my doctor said i was blocked up as high as my appendix

  98. I poop once a week. It is 4-5 inches in diameter and 8-10 inches long. It’s usually pastel in color. Is this a problem?

  99. I poop twice a day,and I am 44. I rarely ever eat meat and have very little dairy. I never had problems before,but my lifestyle was reckless for 15 years,heavy drinking,smoking and fast food-stopped everything 2 and a half years ago. Now I bike and do pushups and sit-ups. Thank you Jesus

  100. I poop like 4 to 5 times a day. I eat healthy 6x a day and drink lots of liquids and also workout for at least 90 min. Is it normal to poop at least 4 to 5 times a day. But

  101. I eat healthy, breakfast + snack, lunch + snack, dinner + snack and drink lots of liquid but mostly water. I also do workout. But lately I’ve been feeling dizzy, headache, and nausea and .I am been eating things I’ve never eat before. Could I possibly be pregnant?

  102. My poop has these things that look like fat worms in it. If you poke them with a sharp object, red pus comes out kinda like blood. Is this very normal?

  103. There are a lot of people here missing the point. Failing to have a bowel movement every single day does not equal constipation. It does not mean you are unhealthy, and it doesn’t make the people that do magically healthy. If your stools are soft, formed, and come out without undue straining there is nothing wrong with you regardless of how often you go.

    As for the people with strange stools, going multiple times per day and not being able to go without several days of laxatives, see a doctor.

    Last, the people posting things like “DR OZ I HAVENT POOPED IN 2 MONTHS I TRIED EVERYTHING AND NOTHING IS WORKING PLEASE HELP ME DR OZ” – lmao. It took me 2 seconds of reading to see that this was a fan site, and even if this was the Dr. Oz site LOL X2 for posting this in random comments. Use a little common sense people.

  104. Lately, I have had the strangest occurrences where I look at my poop and it starts talking to me. We have had many of good conversation yet I feel this is strange. My doctor gave me a poop dictionary so I could communicate with my poop. We are not seeing each other right now because of irreconcilable differences. Any advice?

  105. I poop 27 times a day.. my diet consitsts of crap.. not that kind of crap.. ya know like junk food. my sensi says to poop in the yard of my dog. when ever I see my dog pooping I feel the urge to poop with him. his name is captain poops-a-lot. everyday I the morning I walk my dog around the block.. I live in a shack.. and sometimes we poop in people’s yards. after our walk we go home and we sit at the table and eat. our chairs look a lot like tolite seats.. maybe that’s why I have the urge to poop so much? I really afraid of tolite seats so that’s why I poop with my dog. my dog and I have our best conversations while we are pooping. it’s a really good bonding activity you should try at home. I ha to go now. my dog it’s calling me we are about to have a great poop. but before i go.. am I normal?

  106. I haven’t popped in a few days and when I do it’s little ones. And now I’m feeling bloated and my left side of my abdomen is tender to the touch. I’m thinking about going to the Er in morning..

  107. Okay, I went to the bathroom between 7-9 times on the 17th and then I didn’t go until the 23rd 2 times, and I went 1 time on the 25th. Is it normal to get lower back pain, I’m very tempted to drink a 5.5oz can of prune juice so it cleans me out because I feel nauseated. I ate too much dairy this past week. I’m lactose intolerant, i have gastritis, and my doctor told me i have IBS. When I get gutache issues I can be in the bathroom up to 30 minutes at a time. I get horrible cramping pain from it too. 🙁 I want a new digestive system.

  108. so I’ve been pooping everyday for 3 weeks now but the strange thing about when I poop is that I poop every hour on the hour…… you can say that’s strange right? my friends like to come poop with me sometimes and it’s kinda fun to have a pooping partner like Eliza Jo said. She poops with her dog… sounds delightful. I might even try it. well first I would have to get a dog. or maybe I can borrow Eliza Jo’s?! Well I have to get ready for my poop that will happen in a little while.. goodbye

  109. The poop posting of September 6 by Bill Cosby is the funniest post here. All those different shapes had me laughing so hard I almost pooped my pants! Honorable mention goes to Ian’s post of September 18, 2012, whose powerful poops have launched him into space! Keep up the funny posts, very entertaining !!

  110. Hi. I go sometimes up to a month without making a bowel movement I eat fiber protein I’ve tried everything I’ve been to the doctor and still nothing is working I’m not sure what is wrong with me I eat and I get very bloated and that’s it I have tried fiber protein I’ve tried it all even laxative and still nothing I drink lots of water due to having lots of UTI’s so I literally have tried everything I just need an expert help help me please

  111. I’m 15 years old and on average, I go to the restroom (poo) about 3-5 times a day. When I go, it’s soft and there is quite a bit. But I’m always walking around gassyy. I normally don’t have pain but when I do its like on my lower ide or somethinf. I also get hills. I asked my mom about t and she said my gallbladder might be bad. . By the way, my mom i a nurse. I can actually seeing that as beeing true because I’m obese and have reently started orking out and getting on better food choices, but I started habing to go to the restroom so mich even before then. Might my gallbladder be going bad? I’m scared I might have o have surgey one day xD

  112. I used to poop like once a month but its been getting better but I only poop around once a week but I don’t really get pains anymore I just force my self to on weekends no matter how I feel coz I don’t want to be uncomfortable at school but I’m trying to lose weight ( so I’m exercising more and drinking more water) should this help me become more regular ?

  113. Hey my mom has an abdominal hernia and it has gotten so big…Well she saw a few doctors andthey all keep telling her to see a different doctor/surgeon.. Her insurance don’t allow her to see any doctor.. Well now she is sick.. Her stomach hurts and no bowel movement in 5 days now… I’m so worried about her but the doctors act like they don’t care.. Am I worrying for no reason or is it serious…please help…I don’t won’t to lose her..

  114. I drink a lot not every day but like on my days off i over do the alcohol and i tend to over eat and i poop like 4-5 times a day especially afer meals like not even 15 after i eat but today i haven’t gone but once this morning and I’ve been eating all day is this bad or good?

  115. I have changed my diet just recently to about 5-6 small meals a day,about 4 litres of water,protein shakes. I woke up at 9 am today and it is now 1 pm and i have already gone 4 times; all healthy,easy to expell, i think ive gone so much already because my diet is fairly high in fibre and protein.

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  117. Hi, I have been having issues with gas. It seems as though I have been passing gas nonstop. I have become the master of the silent gas. Even in school. I have a pretty regular diet and try to get exercise daily, i poop once a day typically. I would love to know if it is a simple diet change or if I need to see my physician. I really appreciate the help!

  118. I NEVER have bowel movements (it feels like). In reality it’s about every three weeks but once I go I feel like it’s not enough excrament for what I’ve eaten. The reason it goes so long is because it doesn’t give me pain. I know it’s not normal but I don’t know what to do about it and Metamucil just tastes awful. Help.

  119. I have had problems for a year now. I’m 14, and since last summer I have had major pains in my waist / abdomen. I was told I was allergic to milk, which I still may be, but now I defecate only about once every 5-7 days. I try eating 2 bowls of cereal most days, but it still takes a week to reach my next bowel movement. I try pushing it out 4 days after my last to avoid the massive pain I experience, but it doesn’t work. I can’t force it before the pain, so if you guys could help, that’d be great. Thank you!

  120. I just pooped out a foot and a half long brown turd. I ate oatmeal, salmon and corn and almonds and c boost drink and a couple chocolate chip cookies yesterday. I feel great!

  121. um…when I try to go to the bathroom I just can’t go, I try so hard, but it won’t come out I sit there for a good hour trying to squeeze it out but it JUST WON’T COME OUT SO I TRY HARDER LIKE PUSHING IN LABOR SO INSTEAD I stick my finger up my butt and dig it out myself like picking my nose but instead of digging for gold…im digging for Hershey’s droplets. I do this regularly once a day… should I get help Dr.Oz??

  122. Hi, Just wondering is this normal: I poop in the morning usually and I poop like a lot out, a good amount of poop. I eat a lot also, quite healthy drink water excersize too. Everyone says I have a fast metabolism so Is it normal to poop a lot out in the mornings? is it healthy to poopin the mornings? what is the normal amount of poop to discharge? tahnks so much.

  123. So this is what has been going on for the past 3 years with me 17 trips to the hospital all I got out of this was H-pylori. I go to the bathroom 15-20 times a day. I would be in so much pain I would pretty much beg for death. I’m 5’4 and weigh 190 lbs I eat probably 2 times a day (most of the time) any other time once a day and I drink water all the time. The doctors would walk into the hospital room ask me if I smoked “Yes”…..”Its your cigarettes.” and walked right out. I have had over 20 different tests done and one day is IBS, Crohns, Acid Reflux (although I’ve never had that in my life) Celia disease lactose intolerant and many more. Thing is I don’t lose weight from all of this if anything I have gained 60 lbs since this has started and the doctors can’t tell me whats wrong. When going to the bathroom I’ll get really dizzy, sweaty and start throwing up then get the chills and have almost unbearable pain with lots of blood. Yet according to the doctors its cigarettes (mind you I probably only smoke 5 a day) if that even counts. If there is ANYONE who reads this and has had anything similar to this I would love to know. I’m 23 this doesn’t happen to people my age as far as I know. Alot of times I mainly get sick late at night or really early in the morning, the pain is bad enough to wake me up…(VERY DEEP SLEEPER) also my gallbladder is 1 point away from not working…I could write about on here about everything…but yeah.

  124. I need help! I poop more than 4 times a day sometimes right after I eat I have to go and its yellow. I had my gallbladder taken out 4 years ago. Is there something I can take over the counter to help this. I just want to be able to eat and not uae the babthroom all day and night.

  125. My poop always burns. It’s like I have a dragon living inside me and the only thing he can let out of me…. is his breathe. This causes severe irritation and discomfort through out the day. How do you slay a dragon that is housed in your intestines???

  126. I am I’m serious need of help. I’m 30 year old female and within the last year I have gained around 30 pounds. I only go poop like once every 5-8 days and I’m constantly bloated and am becoming really self conscious. Starting tomorrow I am going on a month long no meat diet and no fried foods either… hopefully this will help me! Any other suggestions will help.

  127. LOL, I haven’t laughed this hard in a looooooooong time! I know alot of these answers are just people trolling, but some of them are still hilarious either way.

    But anyway, I can remember in high school, my friends & I used to debate about this subject all the time. A few of my friends insisted that they went once every few days, & figured that was normal, while one of my friends & I were shocked at this, because we went ever day-in fact, we had a slogan we made up & it went like ‘Once a day is nature’s way!!’. Even though I think you’re supposed to go twice a day. But either way, I can’t imagine not going every day.

  128. Is it normal for someone that does not have a gallbladder to poop 4 times or norw a day?

  129. I’m 17 years old, and have been hospitalized once for being constipated, but they gave me an anemia then I eventually did, then they had me take a laxative that night, and then I was fine. But now I poop about three times a day, now. The stool is very soft though. Sometimes its twice a day, and the second time, there’s two. Is it too much? Plus, I get gassy a bit. Help?

  130. I take metformin for pcos and so pooping is my savor. I go about three-four times depending on what I am eating. I am actually going right now at 2am. I don’t always feel sick, but it cleans me out. If I don’t poop I feel full and uncomfortable. So I think it all depends on the person. I do get dehydrated a lot. So I have to drink water like I am a fish.

  131. Hi,
    I’ve taken to pooping in the morning and for th past few days Ive only gone in th morning and not during the day…
    Is this weird?
    I do usually strain whilst pooping and I have a small haemorrhoid. I am only 14… I used to not drink much and not have enough fibre, but I’m trying to change that. I’ve been to the doctors about the haemorrhoid. I have ointment but it’s not really working because I’m still straining. Help

  132. when i poo it is constant diareha. I go about 10 times a day. How do I make it stop?

  133. Hi I am 22 years old and I only poop 1-2 times a month. Somebody have any help for me I have a colonoscopy coming up but I am still worried because I already did one and they couldn’t continue because I was still full with hard stools and that’s with drinking that nasty stuff for 2 hours and drinking all of it. And having 2 stool softers. Help please! And its all with pain.

  134. Hi, my 3 year old poops between 5-8 times a day, she screams when she goes and it’s very little or nothing is staining, she is potty training well abd wears pants during the day unless out. We changed her bread to gluten free, cut down on biscuits yoghurt and cheese milk Eric. But to no avail. She has been this way for around 2 months. She had colic for the first 5 months in life too. By the way she doesn’t eat much meat. But likes greens and grapes bananas and raisins. But is a fussy eater. She only drinks water also which is good. Any advice as it’s rather dampening our day to day life.

  135. I go anywhere between 2/5 times a day. I’m a student of dietetics. Recently diagnosed with borderline personality which led me to alter everything that enters my body. Needless to say I am as organic as sources allow even if it cripples me financially. It’s been my goal to get as close to 15 servings of fruits and veggies daily for a while now. Best decision I ever made. I nearly cut meat out of my diet entirely. I consume seeds of chia and hemp variety I consume quinoa of the black variety I take 1/3 tbs of coconut oil daily, I get plenty of water with how I make my veggies and fruits, I take magnesium and a plethora of other adaptogens daily which includes turmeric and ashwaganda. I’ve lost close to thirty pounds. Healthy loss not all at once. I should exercise but i just don’t feel the need to do so. I haven’t been or even close to being sick. My diet is geared to my body as I’ve toggled with it for some time to determine what’s perfect for me. Even though I smoke I’ve never been healthier and I also don’t I repeat don’t have symptoms of my borderline anymore. I did exactly what I would do with my double major of psych and diet on myself as I would anyone if they were my patient. Until I get licensed I can only offer this as advise. However people are turning to me for my two cents as they’ve seen the results of what I’ve been doing and frankly that warms my heart. In the words of Hippocrates…. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

  136. I have had stomach cramps off and on, I pooped small poops on Sunday and then had diarrhea, yesterday i pooped a small one. Haven’t gone since Monday, didn’t eat alot of food on Sunday, ate oatmeal, and bowl of chicken dumpling soup, and supper had yogurt. I took prunlax today at 1 pm. I saw the dr last friday she said the stomach cramps were due to dehydration trying to drink 8 oz of water and juice a day drank 7 yesterday. Let me know what I should do

  137. I am now 18 years old. I am pooping two times a day since my 7th age. I tried many doctors and had medicines for week. My poop would be solid only in that week and after that it comes the same problem. My poop is not solid, always liquidly solid(like butter). Due to this i am avoiding my trips to outside world, and even avoiding socializing. I always pretend to be normal. I am student now and so i can use toilet anytime, but for a job in company? No one wants a man who has fear in socializing and going long distances due to pooping problem. So i am begging you guys, please tell me a solution! I am in serious intension, even also tried thinking about suiciding. Please😭

  138. I’m 33 year-old I have problem with reflux stomach about 5 years but I have now abdominal pain I went to my doctor he did blood test ctv with contrast colonoscopy I told my doctor I poop more and more every day 6 and 8 time a day He tell me normal 3 time a day My doctor look to Crohn disease and he say to me you do not have Crohn’s disease but could have something else could be some disease My doctor still looking what could cost to me poop and abdominal pain Go to doctor gastroenterologist If you go poop to much 5 and 9 time a day plus diarrhea could be problem like crohn or some disease be sure your diet is for you do not be smart person get help and support okay

  139. i am mexican druglord. The drugs i take often cause me to hve explosive diareah when i cross the bordr, ILLEGALLY. I hope that one day there is no wall between mehico and the america cuz than id poo on my wy up. i lov the america girl though very much, they have very respectabe animal shaped poes, very artistic

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