Dr Oz: BB Creams or Beauty Balm 5-in-1 Cream Review by Marcia Kilgore


Dr Oz: Miracle 5-In-1 Skin Cure

Dr. Oz has shared some pretty amazing Miracle products to help with your biggest issues, but what if he could offer Miracle for your skin? So many of us probably spend hundreds of dollars at the drug store on beauty and skin products, with many not providing any benefits, but what how about just purchasing one product that does it all and will save you time and money? Dr. Oz says that skin Miracle comes in a little tube and it actually 5 products in one. Get his BB Cream review.

Dr Oz: BB Cream Review – Beauty Bomb Replaces 5 Skincare Products

Joining Dr. Oz was Marcia Kilgore, Founder of Soap and Glory, to talk about this amazing 5-in-1 skin product that comes in a little tube, known as BB Cream, which stands for Beauty Bomb. BB Cream is actually a product, not a brand, so you can find it many different types on the market; some are even 6-in-1, rather than the typical 5.


  1. says

    Dr Oz did not mention a particular brand (which has been his norm this season unfortunately), and there are many types of BB Creams. I have found three BB Creams with great reviews though. The best deal is the following BB Cream for just $10 and it has nice reviews: Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream. If you love Smashbox products, they make a BB Cream that everyone seems to love, which you can see here: Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream . And if you are more into “natural” cosmetics, then take a look at this 5-in-1: Suntegrity Natural BB Cream. But again, none of these brands are endorsed by Dr Oz himself because he does not recommend specific brands this season.

  2. Ryan says

    Thanks for the effort! It’s a little disappointing when he touts a BB cream as a “cure” for Rosacea but doesn’t specify the actual cream used lol

  3. Christina says

    I totally agree with you Ryan! I hate wasting money on products when he could just endorse one that really may work.

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