Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review for Vitamin C Absorption


Dr Oz: Drop a Decade

Dr. Oz has been talking about How you can Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age and so far the secrets have been amazing. Dr. Shirley Madhere and Dr. Leif Rogers have explained the benefits of Vitamin C and PhytoCeramides and how using them together can be phenomenal in turning back the clock by 10 years, giving you younger plumper skin. They are both easy to find and inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of going to a surgeon for a facelift. Next, they talked about the added benefits of power facial cleansers.

Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review

Doctor Oz and the Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Madhere and Dr. Rogers, are turning the topic toward facial cleansers, more specifically, power facial cleansers. Dr. Leif Rogers calls them the electric toothbrush for you face and in less time than it takes to brush to your teeth, it can your skin a nice deep clean along with exfoliation. Dr. Shirley Madhere says she loves the power facial cleansers and uses on her own skin because they the step of facial cleansing one step further.

Dr Oz: Mechanical Exfoliation Enhances Vitamin C Benefits

Dr Oz: Power Facial Cleansers Review for Vitamin C Absorption

Dr. Leif Rogers calls Power Facial Cleansers ‘Electric Toothbrushes for your Face’ that offer great benefits, including better Vitamin C absorption.


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