Dr Oz: Eucerin Professional Repair Review to Winter Proof Your Skin


Dr Oz: Winter Proof Your Skin

Today Dr. Oz is giving you his best beauty and skincare recommendations. From topical Vitamin C to Foods that Benefit Fat Cells, he has been sharing How you can Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age. He also focused a lot of time one of your biggest concerns, Cellulite, sharing some easy and inexpensive ways to minimize the appearance of your fat cells. With winter coming, it brings with it a whole new batch of challenges for your skin. Doctor Oz says the best thing you can do for your skin to get it ready is to winter proof your skin.

Dr Oz: Cold Air Dehydrates Skin

Many people complain about how dry, rough, and scaly their skin gets in the winter months, which often leaves to itching and scratching, but Dr. Oz has some advice to best cope with the weather change and its affect on your skin. He explains that as the weather gets cold your blood vessels start to shrink so they can get warm. Meanwhile, the air outside is getting colder, so any moisture that is left in your skin gets sucked into the air causing your skin to dry out.

Dr Oz: Summer Vs Winter Skin Needs

Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton, Dermatologist for Eucerin Skin First Council Member, says the biggest mistake people make is that they don’t realize they need to change the products they were using in the summertime to something different when winter arrives. She says in the summer we are supposed to use products that are more gel-like, but in the winter you want to move to products that are creamier so you can hydrate your skin. Dr. Ingleton says that dry skin can lead to cracked skin and cracks in the skin are areas where bacteria can enter, which can then lead to infection.


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