Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List for Dollar Store: Clothespins & First Aid


Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping Cheat Sheet

Now that you have made your Dr Oz Ultimate Shopping List for all of your daily needs from the grocery store to the health food store as well as the drugstore and big box or warehouse club, you have the perfect cheat sheet to shop for your family while saving a whole lot of money.

Dr Oz: Dollar Store Lifesavers

Doctor Oz has just one more stop for you to make while you are out shopping with his Ultimate Shopping List. The place he is sending you may surprise you, but Dr. Phillip Blanc has helped him create a list of items that only cost $1 and yes, they are found at the Dollar Store. Dr. Blanc works in the emergency room of Mount Sinai Medical Center and he says that people often come to the ER for things that are preventable, but they don’t always realize that so they spend a lot of unnecessary time and money at the hospital.

Dr Oz: Dollar Store First Aid & Anti-Slip Mat

First Aid Kit – Dr. Blanc says this simple, $1 purchase has everything you need for basic first aid needs that could be taken care of at home and could actually save you from coming into the ER. He says they are so cheap, you may as well have one in the car, at home, and at work.


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