Dr Oz: Dr David Agus Fountain of Youth- Statin Drugs Over-The-Counter?


The End of Illness Review by Dr David Agus

Dr. David Agus, an innovator in modern medicine and the author of the bestseller The End of Illness has been called the rock star of science and questioned whether Antioxidants Cause Cancer in the first segment of Doctor Oz. He helped to develop technology that can analyze your body’s most intricate inner workings with just a single drop of blood.

Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Cure Discovered in the Next Decade!

Dr. Agus doesn’t think we are all that far away from discovering the fountain of youth and even says he believes within the next decade a disease like Alzheimer’s will be a thing of the past. With experiments now, it is already being reduced in mice.

Dr David Agus Fountain of Youth: Statin Drugs

Dr. David Agus argues that the fountain of youth can be achieved by everyone over the age of 40 by taking statin drugs – those which are prescribed for people with heart disease. He points to the data which shows a decrease in heart attacks and stroke in people with normal cholesterol and increased inflammation. Statin drugs block inflammation and they work, according to the data that Dr. Agus refers to with this recommendation.

Dr Oz: Statin Drug Quiz

Should you be taking Statin Drugs?  These are all questions you should ask yourself when considering a statin drug for yourself.
1. Is there a family history of heart disease?
2. Do you have a family history of cancer?
3. Are you overweight?
4. Do you smoke?
5. Do you have a history of diabetes/high blood sugar?

2/3 of Americans Die of Heart Disease & Cancer

Dr. Agus says we all need to go to our doctor and be proactively in charge of our own health and ask if we should be on a statin drug. He points to a statistic that two thirds of our country will die of heart disease and cancer, so it is important for more of us to be taking statin drugs. Dr. Agus says we need to look at our cholesterol and inflammation levels to determine whether we need to be on statin drugs, sharing he is actually taking one himself.


  1. Connie says

    Dr. Oz… i love you and your information…. I watch you every day….. WHY on earth would you have Dr. Agus on yur show who is just about against everything you have been telling us all these months. I think this is a confusing message. I don’t believe that Statins are the way to go. I know people with slightly elevated cholesterol and the doctor immediately prescribes Lipitor….. Also, why let him scare those of us taking Anti Oxidants (for years)…. when there is plenty of research saying we need them. On the other hand, I got a lot out of the man who said our healing is in our back yard.

  2. says

    Just pretend that statin is a “chemical” weed growing in your back yard. I take them both, by discretion. Both man-made or natural. You pick & choose in life. Good luck in choosing.

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