Dr Oz: HPV Test & COBAS Test vs Pap Smear- How Often To Get Tested?


Dr Oz: Does a Pap Smear Test for HPV?

Dr Oz’s show focused on the dangers and risks of HPV, which is a common cause of Cervical Cancer, Anal Cancer and Oral Cancer. But will a pap smear help you detect the disease?

Michelle is 37 and has been married for five years. She was surprised when she tested positive for HPV. She was shocked at the results, and it made her question her future. Was her life about to suddenly end?



  1. melissa says

    I was told I contracted hpv when I was 16yrs old and had absolutely no idea at the time what it was, and still not that educated about it, for urs fallowing I was told I had a high amount of pre cervical cancerous cells on my cervix.then when I went to go get a biopsy I was told due to new research I wouldn’t need one done till I reach the age of 25 because of how it can fight itself off. I was getting a pap test done every 6 month but now get them don’t every year because my last few test have not came back abnormal. So does thar mean its completely gone or should I get farther testing?

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