Dr Oz Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors: BMI, Birth Control & Family History


Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer is the Silent Killer of Women

Dr. Oz opened up his show today with the kind of question that will stop you in your tracks and grab your attention immediately. He asked What’s your Risk of Dying from Cancer? It kind of leaves a lump in your throat, but have you ever thought about that? I’ll admit that every time I think about it, which is every now and then, I get a little worried, but then I wonder what I can do to lower my risk so I can be around for my family as long as possible. On today’s show, Your Biggest Cancer Risks: Dr. Oz’s Biggest Solutions, Doctor Oz is talking about the most undiagnosed cancers as well as the deadliest ones, so you can have all the information you need to protect your body and lower your risk of dying from cancer. Know your ovarian cancer risk factors.

Dr Oz: Overweight Ovarian Cancer Risk

Dr. Oz says that by the time most women realize they have ovarian cancer, it is usually too late and they don’t survive. Startling new studies have shown a direct link with being overweight and how it increases your risk of getting Ovarian Cancer, especially when you have excess fat around the waist, which has been found to actually feed tumors. When you add stress and increased estrogen, cancer can get out of control.


  1. Judith Jennings says

    I have had ovarian cancer…4 years ago…I was treated at MD Anderson. I do not carry the Brac gene. Does my daughter have an increased chance of cancer?

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