Dr Oz Stomach Cancer Risk Factors: Blood Type, A H.Pylori & Nitrites


Dr Oz: Bacon Causes Stomach Cancer?

On his show today, Your Biggest Cancer Risks: Dr Oz’s Biggest Solutions, Dr. Oz has been guiding your through some very important information regarding some of the deadliest cancers, including Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer. He has broken down the risk factors along with solutions so you can be armed and ready to make it challenging for one of these horrible diseases to enter your body. Learn your stomach cancer risk factors.

Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Increase in Caucasian Women

Several years ago we were actually seeing a decline in Stomach Cancer rates, but in recent years they have been on the rise, more specifically in women, and doctors are not quite sure why this is the case. Dr. Oz shares that this sudden rise in Stomach Cancers is surprising to him because while African American women and Hispanic women have been at a higher risk, Caucasian women have not until now. Dr. Robynne Chutkan, a Gastroenterologist, explains that recent studies point to diet as a possible factor because women are eating differently than they used to, including more foods that can cause Stomach Cancer. She says the study also showed that the Stomach Cancer itself may be forming differently and attacking more aggressively in certain populations. There is also a particular infection that could be contributing to Stomach Cancer and its increase in Caucasian women.

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