Dr Oz: 28-Day Diet Plan To Shrink Your Belly & Slim Down


Dr Oz: 28-Day Shrink Your Stomach Challenge

Dr Oz was thrilled to launch his 28-Day Shrink Your Belly Challenge! The first thing you should know is that you can start the challenge any day you want. He combined some of the best of several weight loss plans to create one month-long plan that can help people slim their middle. The plan includes healthy food, a 12-hour fasting window, and a daily plank challenge. You can find the one-sheet guideline on Dr Oz’s website, but we’ll highlight the best of the plan for you.


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    I’m sorry! I am so confused by all the “info” I have been reading for the last 30 years on diets, good food vs bad foods, that I just want to go into a coma for 6 months and wake up thin and healthy! Is there a place (site) that I can get a simple plan to start feeling better without spending a lot of money? (that is not complicated)

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