Dr Oz: Alec & Hilaria Baldwin Diet Recipes – Amazing Weight Loss!


Dr Oz: Alec & Hilaria Baldwin’s Diet

As he spoke with Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, Dr Oz wanted to learn more about what they like to eat as a family. For the Baldwin family, there are four staples that are always in their fridge: whole grains, good vegetables, good proteins, and a nice dressing. Hilaria loves all four ingredients because they can be combined quickly and easily to make a healthy and filling meal that your body will thank you for.

Dr Oz was then curious as to how Hilaria was able to get Alec to change his bad habits. Hilaria explained that you have to wait for them to be ready. When Hilaria first met Alec, she never said anything. There was actually a few months before Alec started to change what he was doing. Hilaria explained that she never wanted to shame him because if a person is living a certain way and happy to be doing it, you have to let them live that way.

Dr Oz: Baldwin Family Diet Staples + Alec Baldwin Blood Sugar

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria shared what four foods make up their diet in order to control his blood sugar levels and keep them both healthy. (shankbone / Flickr)

But when Alec came to her, “I was like well as a matter of fact, I have this entire list of things that you should be doing differently, so I was prepared for it.”

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