Dr Oz: Algae Oil, 600 mg DHA Omega 3s from ConsumerLab.com & Fish Oil


Dr Oz: ConsumerLab.com – Where to Buy Omega 3’s

Dr Oz confronted a recent Greek study making headlines for claiming Omega 3s don’t work. But he said the study also concluded that Omega 3s reduce heart disease risk by 9%. He and Dr Tanya Edwards discussed whether you should get Omega 3 fish vs supplements. They also explored what to look for when shopping for Omega 3s.

Dr Oz: 600 mg DHA Omega 3’s

Though products could range from trace amounts to 1000 mg per pill, Dr Edwards wants patients to get the highest amount of Omega 3s out there. FDA regulations could target companies that aren’t providing quality products, but funding and resources aren’t there to follow up on these concerns.

Dr Oz: ConsumerLab.com for Supplements

Dr Oz: ConsumerLab Omega 3 Reviews, Daily Values Scam & Algae Oil Cost

Dr Oz shared rules for choosing an Omega 3 supplement using ConsumerLab.com Omega 3 reviews and the daily values scam to avoid. Plus, why you should try Algae Oil Supplements instead of fish oil supplements.


  1. Art says

    Dr Oz, once again, schilling for a company, ConsumerLab.com. How can consumerlab be bias about any vitamin when they direct you to buy from certain companies. If it was independent and unbiased they wouldn’t have links to buy from Swanson, Puritan’s Pride, etc.

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