Dr Oz: Asparagus Raw Vs Cooked, Garlic Cold Remedy & Raw Food Rules


Dr Oz: Flowers Improve Your Mood

I do not know about you, but I am enjoying all of the advice on Dr. Oz’s show today. With a guest like Dr. Andrew Weil, everyone is sure to benefit from all he has to offer, especially Dr. Weil’s 5 Essentials You Need Now. They are the essentials that Dr. Weil says he cannot live without, so he is sharing them with Dr. Oz to help improve the lives of everyone else. He is addressing some of the most important issues and concerns that many of us have, like possible thyroid problems, indigestion, and stress. Some of his essentials have involved food, supplements, or techniques, but all are easy to incorporate into your life right away. Learn the raw food rules, such as the health benefits of asparagus raw vs cooked.

Dr Oz: Andrew Weil Teeth Whitening

Dr. Weil, any recommendations for whiter teeth? Dr. Weil recommends natural ways to whiten your teeth like eating strawberries and oranges. They actually scrub your teeth and protect the enamel.

Dr Andrew Weil: Raw Foods Rules

Dr. Weil says that raw foods are certainly good for you, but he says there are important rules to follow about which foods to eat raw and which to eat cooked. He says that many people argue that when you cook food you destroy enzymes, but he says that dropping raw food into stomach acid will destroy them as well. He also explains that many fruits and vegetables have protective compounds in them that are more available to the body in cooked form than they are in raw form.

Dr Oz: Raw vs Cooked Vegetables

Dr Oz: Asparagus Raw Vs Cooked, Garlic Cold Remedy & Raw Food Rules

Dr. Andrew Weil says Garlic is a powerful super food and antioxidant that is best for you when eaten raw or as close to raw as possible.

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