Dr Oz Cinnamon Extract Water & Mark MacDonald 3-Step Weight Loss Diet


Dr Oz: Yo-Yo Diets – How to End Diets Forever

If you are over the age of 35, this is definitely the show for you. Dr. Oz is sharing his After-35 Survival Kit essentials, helping you to fill a bag with everything you need to get through whatever may be plaguing you as you get older. He has shared easy ways to reduce your stress, and alleviate bloating as well as important vitamins you should be taking when you reach the age of 35 and the foods you can eat to help with moodiness that seems to get worse as you get older. One complaint that I bet many women can relate to, especially after they turn 35 years old, is that it just seems harder to lose weight as you get older. What if Dr. Oz has a secret to add to your After-35 Survival Kit that could change that forever? What if there was a secret to ending yo-yo dieting for good and transforming your body in a way you never thought was possible? Doctor Oz has an expert guest with the answers to turning your body into a calorie-burning machine without using pills or needing a fancy gym.

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald on Blood Sugar

Blood Sugar is key to losing weight

Mark MacDonald, Author of the book Body Confidence, says the key to losing weight forever is understanding blood sugar so you can eat the foods you love, and more of them, to shed pounds for good.


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