Dr Oz: Does Drinking Coffee Help You Lose Weight Or Is It A Diet Myth?


Dr Oz’s Diet Myth: Coffee Doesn’t Help You Lose Weight

The human body is 60% Water

Science Bob says that the human body is 60% water, with the brain being 70% water, so adding water to it might not offer any added benefits.

If you have ever wondered about claims or promises when it comes to losing weight, you will want to hear what Dr. Oz has to say. Today he is busting diet myths and setting the record straight on some of the most popular myths that we believe to be true when it comes to losing weight. With his Five Diet Myths Busted, you just might be surprised at what the truth is and what is actually just a diet myth when you are trying to lose weight. Doctor Oz has already addressed some of the biggest dieting myths like whether or not a slow metabolism will make you fat and keep you from losing weight. There are many more to get to and Dr. Oz is continuing to share the truth with the help of Science Bob and brave audience members.

Dr Oz: Does Coffee Help You Lose Weight?

One of the things we are always told to drink more of, especially when dieting, is water. I know I personally always have a glass full of water next to me at home or a water bottle with me on the road, but what about coffee? Have you ever been told that drinking coffee will help you to lose weight? Could both of them be beneficial to weight loss or is this just a myth? Science Bob explains that our body is about 60% water, with our brain being at about 70%. He says we need that water to give us energy, to run our metabolism, and fill our cells. He explains that if your body has all of the water it needs already, with the cells being hydrated; drinking more water doesn’t actually improve your weight loss. You will simply pee out the water without any added benefit to your body. Simply put, it is a myth that drinking more water will actually help you to lose more weight, but what about coffee? Coffee is a stimulant and when it goes into our body it gives us energy. If you add cream and sugar, you lose the benefit of the energy because of all the added calories, which leads you to drink more and more cups because you need to keep replenishing your energy. While coffee offers many health benefits, Dr. Oz says this myth is busted because drinking coffee to help you lose weight just doesn’t work.

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