Dr Oz: Eating At Bedtime, Hemp Seeds GLA & Cinnamon Regulates Insulin


Dr Oz: Burn Fat While Sleeping

If you have ever felt like your weight-loss effort was an uphill battle regardless of how well you are eating and how hard you are exercising, this is the show for you. What if what is keeping you fat is simply not your fault because of the biology of blubber? Dr. Oz says this could be the case for many people and he and his guest, Dr. Natasha Turner, author of The Hormone Diet, discussed how important it is to balance your hormones in order to find fat burning success. They shared the solutions to Melt Your Fat Fast! How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones, with what you eat being the key to hormonal balance and your future weight loss success.

Dr Oz: Eat At The Same Time Every Day

Dr. Natasha Turner says the place to start with resetting your hormones is with what you eat, when you eat, and in which combinations you eat foods, but most importantly is the timing of when you eat your meals. She says most people do not realize the impact on your hormones from not eating at the right times throughout the day.


  1. Betty says

    Where do you find curry leaves? I have been told that curry is a mixture, no leaves to be found. Anxious to start this plan. Betty

  2. tom dollman says

    Thank you for posting… This information was EASY to find on this web-site… unavailable (except for teasers) on Dr Oz’s website…

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