Dr Oz: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Mexican Food, Chinese Takeout & Pizza


Dr Oz: Avoid Restaurant Freebies

This Dr. Oz show has been dedicated to making your life a little easier with shortcuts for your diet and medical tests you may not need. Dr. Oz’s guest, Lisa Lillien the Hungry Girl, outlined her plan to help you Eat Twice as Much and lose 5 Pounds. Lisa shared her best food expanders, her replacement meal, and several yummy recipes to get you started and on your way to losing unwanted pounds without depriving yourself of foods that you love.

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Takeout

Dr. Oz asks if you are on a first-name basis with your favorite take-out restaurant. Is their number on your speed dial? Well you might be surprised to hear that Dr.Oz is giving you permission to order takeout. He is joined by Frances Largeman-Roth who says it is most important to read your menus closely and look for terms like smothered, stuffed, and crusted because those are the foods to avoid. They will just add more sodium, calories, and fat, which are all things we do not need.

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Pizza Takeout

Ordering out for pizza is probably the favorite of all takeout foods for many people, but Frances Largeman-Roth says there are a couple of ways to order a little more smart and healthy the next time you call your favorite pizza place. These tips will save you a lot of fat and calories.

  • Go with a veggie supreme (only 440 calories in 2 large slices)
  • Order your pizza on a thin crust
  • Steer clear of the meat lovers because it is loaded with saturated fat
  • Do not take advantage of the freebies or discount offers because they might be a good deal for your wallet, but not for your health.

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl’s Guide to Mexican Takeout

Dr Oz: Lazy Girl's Guide to Mexican Food, Chinese Takeout & Pizza

Frances Largeman-Roth, a health expert, says the number one thing you should avoid at a Chinese Restaurant is the fork. Using chopsticks will slow you down so you will eat less and feel full more quickly.

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