Dr Oz: Lose 5 Pounds This Month & Hungry Girl Food Expander Guidelines


Dr Oz: Lose Weight During the Holidays

What if Dr. Oz told you that you could Eat Twice as Much and Lose 5 Pounds this Month? Would you believe him? Would you be ready to take notes, create a shopping list, and want to start right away? Well today is right away and Dr. Oz and his guest the Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, are ready to share the secret to eating more and losing the weight. Lisa’s goal is to create meals that are healthy and delicious, but full of volume to satisfy your appetite while helping  you shed pounds.

Dr Oz: Add Volume to Food Without Adding Calories

Dr Oz: Lose 5 Pounds this Month & Hungry Girl Food Expander Guidelines

The Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, says that by following her simple Food Expander Guidelines you can lose 5 pounds this month, even during the holidays.


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