Dr Oz: Low Fat vs Full Fat Cheese Sticks – Which is Healthiest?


Dr Oz: Best Diet Advice

Dr Oz is always sharing new food ideas, and sometimes things like Watermelon Rinds and Liver can be a little out there. Viewers have been contacting Dr Oz about his health food recommendations, which aren’t always getting a welcome reception at home. Find out what Dr Oz had to say about low fat vs full fat cheese sticks and why you should always eat your Ginger.



  1. do says

    Cabot brand cheese is the best.

    You can get it 50% and 75% fat free. No added sugar and really good.

  2. do says

    I gotta say —my grandparents lived to be in their 90’s- my mom passed at 91.
    They never took all these weird sounding supplements and flaxseed and tumeric etc. in fact no supplements at all.
    I said this 30 years ago and I still believe it now. They lived most of their lives with less pollution less additives and pesticides. That’s why they lived long lives.
    Why is it so many people are finding it so hard to have children and the need for fertility doctors has sky rocketed. Our food and environment is killing us and making us sick.
    All this eat this and take that is just putting money in the pockets of those trying to make a buck.
    That money should be used to clean-up the environment. I’m 57 and will never reach 90 and my kids and grandkids have even a lesser chance.

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