Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Red Vs White Muscle Exercise & Diet Cheat Rule


Dr. Oz: Mark MacDonald Diet

This has been a show packed with information and products for you to add to your After-35 Survival Kit. Dr. Oz, with the help of several experts, has put together a list of essential items for everyone over the age of 35. No matter what issue you are having, they have the answer, from reducing stress, improving your mood. Doctor Oz also included a Vitamin Cheat Sheet you should be taking every day that includes how much and how often to take them. With the help of guest, Mark MacDonald he has also shared Mark’s secret to losing weight forever, which is to stabilize your blood sugar while eating the foods that you love and more of them. They went over a 3-Step Plan to help you prepare for the battle of weight loss, ensuring your success every step of the way. Now find out how to reinforce that with diet cheats and red vs white muscle exercise.

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Weight Loss Diet Results

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Red Vs White Muscle Exercise & Diet Cheat Rule

Mark MacDonald says that eating protein before you cheat on a diet will slow down the rate of a spike in blood sugar. Learn about red vs white muscle.


  1. bARBARA says

    Please send me the diet recipes Mark MacDonald use each day for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner…….and any snacks………..thanks…………B

  2. Mike Hatch says

    For the white and then red muscle exercise it’s 5 minutes for whites and then 5 minutes for reds equalling 10 minutes total. 30 seconds for mountain climbers. 30 seconds rest. Repeat another 4 times for a total of 5 minutes. Then do 5 minutes of red muscles.

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