Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape Diet: Seaweed, Hummus, Selenium & Figs


Dr Oz Metabolism Body Shape: Turbocharge Your Metabolism

Dr Oz has been explaining the Apple Shape, Pear Shape and Box Shape body types, and how our body shape affects our metabolism. Now that we know the symptoms and health risks of each body type, Dr Oz is revealing how food can be a key to turning up metabolism. It’s Dr Oz’s metabolism body shape diet!


  1. Cyndi says

    I am quite concerned with the advice given to a young lady on this program: high doses of iodine and selenium. The National Institute of Health reports that most Americans already consume adequate amounts of selenium. This is an essential mineral, but is only needed in trace amounts. The maximum daily upper limit for an average human being, without harm, is 400 mcg. Amounts in excess of this can become toxic. I heard no word of caution… did I miss that part?

  2. Amy says

    I have a box type body, but I’m confused as to what to do here because 15 years ago I had Grave’s Disease and my doctor advised me to have my thyroid killed. So now I’m on a dosage of medication that is suppose to replace that hormone. I’ve gained so much weight since then and can not lose it. Eating more iodine foods is not going to help me because my thyroid is no longer working. HELP! I’ve found no information about losing weight without a thyroid.

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