Dr Oz Vitamin Cheat Sheet: Vegetarian Omega 3s & Multivitamins Over 35


Dr Oz’s Vitamin Cheat Sheet After 35 Years Old

Today Dr. Oz is filling up a bag of tricks with essential items to get you through the various issues that plague you as you get older. He’s asked for help from a few female experts to put together the most important products to be included in what he calls his After-35 Survival Kit. They added the key things you need to relieve stress (lemon balm extract), a botox alternative (Siloxane and Peptide Cream) and reduce bloating with pineapple ice cubes, but now Doctor Oz also has suggestions on the four vitamins you should be taking once you hit the age of 35. Dr. Oz polled his audience before the show and a whopping 74% admitted that they have no idea what vitamins they should be taking and I must confess I’m with them as I have no idea either.

Dr Oz: 4 Vitamins for Women Over 35

Dr. Oz says while it can be very confusing to know what vitamins you should be taking and the exact time of day to take them, but he has a cheat sheet with four that you must start adding to your diet on a daily basis. Many of us are often confused about dosing while others actually buy different vitamins, but don’t take them consistently. Dr. Oz is ready to give you a clear of understanding of each vitamin and why you need them and when you should be taking them.

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