Dr Oz: Obesity Debate: 8 Women, 4 Love Being Fat, 4 Hate It


Dr Oz: 8 Women Debate Obesity

On today’s show, Doctor Oz invited 8 morbidly obese women to the stage, 4 women loved their bodies and were in favor of gaining weight and 4 women were disgusted with their figures and wanted to lose weight for health purposes.

The goal of today’s show was for Dr Oz to understand what it was that made women want to be the fattest woman in the world. Of course, being a doctor, Dr Oz wanted to help the 8 women lose weight and get healthy, however, some didn’t want his help.



  1. says

    It was so telling when you watched these morbidly obese women walk out on stage–the total lack of applause was “deafening.” I just want to comment: Don’t these women realize that the men who are paying to watch them eat, actually hate women and get off on hoping they will die a miserable death? How can they think otherwise? Talk about denial!

  2. Creflow Dollars says

    To Pat Garlinghouse: Are you really that ignorant? Have you ever actually talked to someone who is into that or do you just happily lap up whatever sensationalist garbage you see on TV? I assume the latter since you probably watch this garbage show regularly. Do you even have a job? I have to wonder since you’re home every afternoon to watch this crap. I hope you don’t have any children to teach your brand of ignorance to

  3. says

    I am trying to loose some weights to feel better and to better my health. My weight is 148. I would like to be 110 at age almost 50. Why would anyone wants to be bigger?

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