Dr Oz Over 35 Survival Kit: How to Improve Your Mood Without Drugs


Dr Oz After 35 Survival Kit: Mood Boosters

Eat Bananas when Feeling Sad

Dr. Oz says to eat a Banana when you are feeling sad because they have Serotonin and Tryptophan, which will get your brain working and make you feel happier.

So far Dr. Oz has filled his After-35 Survival Kit with essential ingredients to relieve stress (Lemon Balm Extract), at-home Botox (Siloxane and Peptide Cream) and ease bloating as well as important Vitamins women over 35 should be taking every day. One of the most annoying changes that women face as they get older is their mood, which also affects their family and everyone else around them. One woman says she has been compared to a pit bull because she is constantly barking at everyone while another says her friends call her waterworks because she is fine one minute, but very emotional the next. Another woman admits her moods can set her into a tailspin, which has led to her kids calling her the Tasmanian Devil because she often chases them around the house when they don’t get chores or homework finished. They all want, and desperately need, Doctor Oz’s help.

How to Improve your Mood Without Drugs

First and foremost, Dr. Oz says you do not have to use drugs to improve your mood. He says it can be done naturally with foods you can add to your diet to help with your mood, starting with breakfast. The first thing to remember is to not skip breakfast, but instead eat the right food to get your day and mood off to a good start.

Dr Oz: Morning Crankiness Cure

Fortified Cereals -The number one cure for morning crankiness, says Dr. Oz, is fortified cereals, with Vitamin B6 in particular. B Vitamins get into your brain and help you deal with stuff. He says Wheat Bran is a good example of the right kind of cereal to eat first thing in the morning, even for the kids.

Dr Oz: Macadamia Nuts Mood Booster

Macadamia Nuts – Macadamia Nuts are a wonderful snack because they are rich in Omega 3s and can help with anxiety. Dr. Oz says they can be especially helpful on-the-go because they are easy to carry with you to work or for a ride in the car.

Dr Oz: Bananas Improve Your Mood

Bananas – When you are feeling sad or down, eat a banana. Dr. Oz says this is related to Serotonin. Bananas have Serotonin and Tryptophan which will both get into your brain and get it working and feeling less sad. Bananas are another food that is easy to carry around with you for those times of need.


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    My husband recently watched one of your shows that talked about tart cherry juice to help you sleep. Dr. Oz mentioned something in the juice (that began with an M) what was it & are there any stores in southeast Fl. that sell it? thank you

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    What you eat definitely affects how you act. Finding the right foods that work with your body can change your life. Dr. Oz always has very informative and interesting shows. Thanks for the tip on bananas. My husband struggles with depression. We will give it a try.

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