Dr Oz Quinoa Recipe Inspire Valerie Bertinelli & Positive Affirmations


Dr. Oz and Valerie Bertinelli weight loss

Valerie Bertinelli’s healthy foods for weight loss

Dr Oz: How Did Valerie Bertinelli Lose Weight?

Hearing that someone has lost a certain amount of weight is impressive, but hearing how they did is what often interests me the most. Valerie Bertinelli shared some of her secrets to success. She stood with Dr. Oz in front of a table filled with foods that she used to eat, some mindlessly, to comfort her regardless of the emotion she was feeling at the time, happy or sad it didn’t matter, she fed her emotions with food.

Dr Oz’s Quinoa Recipe Inspired Valerie Bertinelli!

On a different table there were foods that she eats now, including salmon and quinoa, sharing with Dr. Oz that his quinoa recipe is what inspired her with that particular food.  I wonder which quinoa recipe was her inspiration.  I personally love Doctor Oz’s Quinoa Tabouli Recipe and of course Dr Oz’s Chicken Quinoa Recipe.

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