Dr Oz Raw Lasagna Recipe on Tom Brady & Gisele Diet + Quinoa Bowl


Dr Oz: Tom Brady & Gisele Diet

After Dr. Oz covered if you can eat healthy foods on a $4 per day budget and if a person can survive on 24 hours without sleep, he answered another question… Could you survive a day on Tom Brady and Gisele’s diet? The NFL quarterback and supermodel revealed what they eat to stay so slim, fit, and healthy. People can’t seem to stop talking about how extreme their eating habits are. The diet has blown up all over social media, but what do they actually eat?

Dr Oz: What Do Tom Brady & Gisele Eat?

Approximately 80% of the time, they eat vegetables, whole grains (like brown rice, quinoa and millet) and beans. Then 20% of their diet is lean meats like grass-fed organic steak, chicken, wild salmon, and even duck every now and then.  Wait until you see the great recipes for Raw Lasagna, Veggie Sushi and even a Quinoa Bowl on the next page… Plus, there’s even an inside peek and review of Tom Brady’s new TB12 Performance Meals that is the easiest way to try Tom and Gisele’s Diet…

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