Dr Oz: Social Media Diet + Isagenix, 21 Day Fix & It Works Review


Dr Oz: Social Media Diets

If you’re on social media, you’ve likely seen all sorts of diet testimonials on your feed. While the before and after photos certainly seem appealing, what’s the truth behind those claims? On behalf of Dr Oz, Jenna Wolfe investigated. Are they really worth your time and money? The first thing Jenna noticed was that she was finding all sorts of positive feedback for diets, but hardly any information about what the diet actually consisted of or how much it costs.

The three companies Jenna noticed the most on Facebook were Isagenix, 21 Day Fix, and the It Works system. It turns out that ordering each of the diet programs was much harder than Jenna ever imagined. But after several attempts, she was able to order all three diet systems and try them out for herself.


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