Dr Oz: Tonalin CLA, L-Glutamine & Anti-Bloat Smoothie


Dr Oz: Flat Belly Diet by Brett Hoebel

Are you looking to take your belly from fat to flat? You’re in luck! On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Brett Goebel, to help flatten your belly in just 30 days by eating the right combination of foods. Get the flat stomach you’ve always dreamed of by next month with an Anti-Bloat Smoothie Recipe and fat burning supplements like Tonalin CLA and L-Glutamine. (And remember, summer officially starts next month!) Are you excited to get started yet? Lets go…


  1. says

    Good morning,

    Name of eye cream (for under eye bags) that Dr Oz uses everyday himself. He showed how
    he applies it on camera.. I wrote it down but misplaced it. Seems like it was: Serum Al…

    I so appreciate the information that Dr Oz passes out to us all for better health.

    God bless you Dr Oz and staff.

    Thank You

  2. Paul Racine says

    Many of your health suggestions does not include “after cancer treatments”.
    I was diagnosed with rectal colon cancer. I underwent succseful surgey, radiation and chemo therapy. I suspect a side effect of the the teaments includes tingling of the hands and feet. It has been almost two years since the treatments and the only remaining side effect is the tingling in the feet. I still take 100 mg of B6 dailly. Is there a blood test I should recommend to get a beter understanding of my specific needs?

  3. Melissa says

    What was the last thing Dr. Travis added to the Gut Busting Gulpy? Got the pears, yogart, peaches & ginger. It was dark like prunes or figs but he didn’t name it, he just poured it in. Very eager to know if someone could tell me. I’ve listened to it over & over to see if I missed it but he didn’t say what it was. I’ve looked for it on google and can’t find it. Thanks. Melissa

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