Dr Oz: White Tea Belly Fat Burner & Yerba Mate Tea for Metabolism


Dr Oz: Muffin Top Tea

While Dr. Oz has shared that there are foods you can eat, a supplement you could take, or a painless procedure that all help with busting your fat and losing weight, there is still something else that he hasn’t shared yet. For centuries people have known of the health benefits of tea, but did you know they can help you lose weight and bust your fat for good? Dr. Oz brought audience member, Cassandra, to the stage and she confessed her least favorite area of fat on her body is in her belly area, or her muffin top. She admits that she doesn’t drink tea all that often, but Doctor Oz says they can offer some of the best benefits when it comes to busting belly fat. The White Tea belly fat burner and Yerba Mate metabolism tea are two best bets.

Doctor Oz: White Tea Belly Fat Burner

Dr Oz: White Tea, Oolong Tea, & Yerba Mate Tea Eliminate Belly Fat

Dr. Oz says not to add dairy when drinking fat busting teas because it makes them less effective.


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    I did a google search and found all 3 of these teas in a package deal at nature’s tea leaf. I got them today and they taste pretty good. The yerba mate is exactly like dr. oz said but i took his recommendation and got some stevia to sweeten it without adding calories calories.

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    Oh, I forgot to say that nature’s tea leaf calls the package Belly Fat Burner Teas and they have a link to the dr. oz show so you can watch the segment again. Very convenient.

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