Dr Oz Reset Your Hormones Quiz & Dr Natasha Turner Hormone Diet Review


Dr Oz: Are Hormones Keeping You Fat?

Have you wished you could go from feeling sluggish to full of energy, but you weren’t sure just what was slowing you down? Dr. Oz says your hormones could actually be sabotaging your weight loss, but he has some secrets to Melt Your Fat Fast! How to Reset Your Secret Fat Loss Hormones.


  1. says

    I have chronic pain from Back (Disc replacement surgery) from 3 years ago.
    Is is safe to do 3-Day detox and take meds or are you to try to not take these meds?
    If you are on a bunch of meds will taking them sabatoge your detox, restart program?
    Thank You.

  2. Shirley Watson says

    why do you make is so hard to get to the shopping list for the three day cleansing diet, to reset your hormones? I have followed every link and have not got to the shopping list yet
    please advise

  3. fluffychenille says

    Is there a link to the suggested foods one needs to eat to balance out our hormones?… or do we have to buy the book to find that out? I am frankly so tired of buying things, to “maybe” lose weight, that never work. I’d like a sample recipe or food list to see if this is for me before I go spending any more money. Thanks!

  4. says

    I have tried alot of products that claim 2 lose your fat,and some didn’t work,except this one that dr oz talked about,it is citramax,iyou can get it at vitman world,its their brand,it has the hca,and carbodia extract,i have lost the fat around my back and sides its a product in happy with,i know it works different on others.hope this helps o5thers.

  5. Judyl Dilts says

    I cannot find the diet list for The Hormone Diet. Why do we have to look through 40 + pages to find anything?

  6. fluffychenille says

    Maybe it’s like the casino’s that make you walk through the entire casino before you get to the restaurants cause they want you to get distracted and play the slots…..the more you walk around the more you pay attention to what’s going on besides eating, which was where you were headed in the first place. LOL I don’t know, I chalk this site as well as Dr. Oz’s site as truly needing someone to organize it and make it user friendly. I often cannot find anything on his site either.

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