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Dr Oz: 5 Minute Metabolism Boost

Now that we’ve explored the Metabolism Body Type Diet and CoQ10 Benefits, it’s time to address burning fat as well. Did you know that five minutes is all it takes to get metabolism boosting benefits from a workout? That sounds like a great excuse to do the bare minimum, and personal trainer Geralyn Coopersmith joined Dr Oz to demonstrate the benefits of a 5 minute metabolism boost workout.

Dr Oz: Aerobic Vs Anaerobic Workout

Geralyn explained that conventional wisdom focuses on aerobic exercise, but trending research finds that anaerobic exercise can really have a positive effect on metabolism. Anaerobic exercise is something that will make you out of breath and is not sustainable for a long period of time.



  1. Cecelia says

    Thank you for all great info. I’m pear shape and have been struggling to lose weight for pass 20 years up and down and on every diet. I will give this try and let you know.
    Thank You,
    Cecelia Matys

  2. Fazal says

    Thanks Dr. Oz and Geralyn. I was struggling with my belly fat for the last three years. Then I started 4 to 5 miles running every day and cut down on diet but nothing happened. Then accidently, I saw this 5 minutes metabolism boosting workout video. I started this on the same day. You will not believe it with in four weeks I last more than 4 inch of west line and more than 11 pounds with the same diet I was taking before. Once again thank you so much for showing this useful video.
    Now I want to gain some weight without belly fat. How can I do that. I am 5 feet 9 inch and my weight dropped to 152 pounds.
    Thanks Dr. Oz and Geralyn,

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