Dr Oz: Carnaval Workout: Brazilian Dance Workout & Daniella Lima


Dr Oz did a workout called the Brazilian Carnaval Workout with Danielle Lima, a Brazilian Carnaval Workout Instructor.  Doctor Oz said that the Carnaval in Brazil is the biggest dance festival in the world, and this Brazilian Dance is a great way to ramp up your heartbeat.  Daniella Lima has been teaching the Carnaval Workout for 10 years and she said that what makes it so energizing is that the Samba is a party and a dance that works out your body and your soul at the same time.  I loved their costumes – and if doing the Carnaval Workout gives you a body like Daniella Lima’s, it is totally worth a shot!

Dr Oz: Brazilian Carnaval Workout

Step 1: Take your right leg back and do a Samba Step to the rhythm of 1,2, 3.  Repeat this four times.


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