Dr Oz: Seltzer & Sparkling Water + Healthy Or No? Sugar, Bloating


Dr Oz: Sparkling Water Fact Or Fiction

Sparkling water seems to be more popular than ever, with Americans spending more than $100 million a year on the bubbly drink. But now there are claims that sparkling water could be behind brittle bones, bloat, acid reflux, and dehydration. Dr Oz was ready to set the record straight.

Club soda, sparkling water, carbonated water, or seltzer are all essentially the same thing. Sales have doubled in the past five years and even Dr Oz is a fan of the product. In the United States, up until World War II, carbonated water was known as soda because of it’s sodium content. The sodium was added to mimic the taste of natural mineral water. When mixed with sugar syrup, soda became soda pop. But sugary soda popularity has declined and soda water is becoming popular once again.

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