Dr Oz: How To Prevent Your Husband From Taking Years Off Your Life


Dr Oz did a segment on How to Prevent Your Husband From Taking Years Off Your Life.  Did you know that your husband could be the cause of your bad health?  Doctor Oz played a game called Happy Wife, Longer Life with three couples – Tara and Joe, Derek and Jocelyn, and Michael and Sarah.

Dr Oz: Financial Stress Takes 5 Years Off Life

Dr Oz asked Tara what Joe does that she thinks takes years off of her life.  She said that whenever she buys something, her husband gets mad and it really stresses her out.  Joe said that she Dr Oz Husband vs Wifewill say I won’t spend money, and then she will go ahead and buy something else.  How many years does financial stress take off of your life?  Dr Oz said that financial stress takes 5 years off of your life.  Financial Stress can lead to high blood pressure, which is the number one cause of aging.  Dr Oz suggests talking about financial issues i n the morning because that is when you have the most Cortisol to calm and soothe you from stress.

Dr Oz: Leaving Lights On In The Bedroom

Dr Oz asked Jocelyn what Derek does to take years off of her life.  She said that he likes to keep the lights on and to read at night when she wants to be sleeping.  Derek said that he likes to read and she should be happy that her man is getting educated.  Dr Oz said that by leaving the lights on in your bedroom, you can take 8.5 years off of your wife’s life because exposure to light keeps you up and suppresses Melatonin levels that help you sleep and it can also trigger Diabetes.  Dr Oz suggested using a light that you can attach around your head instead of a bedside lamp.

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