Dr Oz: Is Whiskey Good For Your Heart & Prevents Heart Attacks?

Dr Oz: Prostate Cancer Prevention

Dr Oz played a game with two couples to see how much the wives knew about men’s health.  Or do you know if gin or whiskey prevents Cardiovascular Disease?  And how many naps do you need to take every week to reduce your risk of a Heart Attack?  Doctor Oz also mentioned that he has an article in Essence Magazine this month, so that is something to keep our eyes peeled for!

Dr Oz Prostate Cancer

Dr Oz: Whiskey Is Good For Your Heart

Dr Oz’s second question was: “which cocktail is better for your man’s heart?” Whiskey or gin?  53% of people got this question right, and the answer is that Whiskey is best for your heart because it contains more antioxidants than gin.  Women who drink no more than one drink per day and men who drink no more than two drinks per day can help to reduce their risk of Cardiovascular Disease.

Dr Oz: Naps Prevent Heart Attacks

Doctor Oz’s final question was: “at least how many times a week should your man nap to reduce his risk of a Heart Attack?”  Three naps or five naps?  64% of people got this question right.  You should get three naps per week!  Naps are great for you because they are a stress reducer.  A study found that people who nap for 30 minutes three times a week reduce their risk of dying from Cardiovascular Disease by around 37%.


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